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doodle dump - nis junk
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Published: June 15, 2014
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this is... not including the sardines ive been drawing hahaha but i put in a few to fill space anyway woop woop
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This is how any single page of my booknotes look like, except the colors and the good art XD
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UnwakenedSheepHobbyist Digital Artist
do you have a tutorial on how you do the line less coloring style?
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fenrich be like Metallia
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Jax102Hobbyist Artist
Like always, your dumps are adorable and bring out my fangirl for disgaea..always Ene (Smile) [V7] !! 
(Oh my gosh if Fenfen becomes mountable I would freak out so much Kagura Sohma (Kyo fangirling) [V1] !!!) 
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Nami-TsukiProfessional Digital Artist
<333 glad you enjoy!
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Jax102Hobbyist Artist
I'm super glad you're still doing these Kyouko Toshinou (Adorable Sparkle) [V2] !!
I'll happily continue to support your future works and continue to look forward to them Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] !
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PuddingValkyrieHobbyist Digital Artist
So much awesome, and last one made me lol literally XD
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FungalZombieXHobbyist General Artist
I see some axelllll! With a pink background too hehehehe
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Makoto-4-13Student General Artist
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Is that angel Prinny Big Sister Prinny?
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Nami-TsukiProfessional Digital Artist
nah it's one of the prinnies from the prinny factory browser game haha
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pikagirl7077Student General Artist
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By the way this reminds me. Get Disgaea 4 vita when it comes out!
I picked up a japanese copy and it is fantastic!
If you memorize Disgaea 4 then you don't need to speak japanese to import.
....No idea what the hell the new characters' evilities do, but I'm throwing science at the wall...see what sticks
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Nami-TsukiProfessional Digital Artist
i actually had the jp version preordered as soon as it went up on amiami haha
never underestimate my love for disgaea 4
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I was a fool to do so.
I just recently got over my absurdist crisis and grinded to get to LoC,
despite the fact that my hours of resetting will be in vain when the english version is released.
(Seriously though, even with that trick that guarantees a mystery gate on floor X1 that shit is time-consuming. That's the one thing I find fault with in D4)
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Nami-TsukiProfessional Digital Artist
aha yeah i can't wait for august aaa
i vow to get EVERY SINGLE TROPHY in that game when it's out...
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Is it just me or was D4 revisited the absolute worst SE that NISA has ever made?
A poster, a cloth and 3 keychains that are really just tiny posters.
The fuck is this?

PS: I'm still kinda mad at you guys about the Valvatorez pillow.
       I'm collecting every piece of D4 merchandise and as a straight man, I really don't want to buy that... but I have to. I wanted Sardine T-shirt
Nami-Tsuki's avatar
Nami-TsukiProfessional Digital Artist
shrugs i wasnt expecting an LE at all so i'm happy haha
and no ones making you buy the val pillow just send it to me instead 8)
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...but....but....My collection :iconmanlytearsplz:
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Nami-TsukiProfessional Digital Artist
then be a man, u dont gotta explain nothin to no one. i mean it's valvatorez, it's impossible for anyone to NOT want to kiss him yknow
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ilovereshiram01Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohh my gurrd I am overwhelmed by awesomeness :iconmotherofgod-plz:
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QueenIzagiHobbyist General Artist
You don't have to but can I just ...quietly request for more Mao/Almaz Um 
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That is some amazing sketches! I like it!
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Nami-TsukiProfessional Digital Artist
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