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Tunnel Vision

By Nami-Tsuki
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TUNNEL VISION is a short story about two girls who go on a cave expedition searching for ghosts.

It’s a kinetic novel rather than a game so there are no extra endings or anything like that. Sorry! Also it’s really really short. Like 20 minutes of your life probably. So if you’re up for that…

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE ON GUMROAD! Just put in $0. But if you’re feeling generous you could put in a different number. If you want. No pressure <3 It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux!

You can also get the OST on bandcamp! It’s really nice so please do that.

Aaand I have a Patreon if you’d like to support me in making more stories like this one!

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That was a cute story. ^^
You know you should try to get these up on the android play store. It may help you get more supporters. Plus Ren Py' Supports it as well. ^^'
Nami-Tsuki's avatar
i'll look into it! thanks!
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Nami, have you thought of using your talents to make games using something like Construct 2? Not trying to sound pushy, but I think if you did you could really do something special. It's so easy to use, you don't need any real programming knowledge (but it does help). I sound like an advertisement. I use it to publish and sell games on android and iPhone and you can make windows games and the like as well. Plus it's (relatively) cheap. I mean it could also just be an easier way to assemble your visual novels, it can be used for a lot of things. I am just trying to be helpful.
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neat! i'll check it out.
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yay! if only my computer wasnt broken..... hey when are u doing the comic again?? she's on break right? too busy? i already forgot
Nami-Tsuki's avatar
it's on hiatus yeah, it might come back in october though!
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okkey dokes. I'm glad your still drawing. that way you don't forget how to . Happened to me and it took me a week to draw my comic page cuz it looked soo weird. 
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(I hope they become friends in the end ^w^) 
JabberwockyCreations's avatar
Nice work. And it has different scenes depicting their actions rather than just telling us. that's an added bonus.
I'd support you, but I'm dirt poor and my patreon account is doing horrifically at the moment... sorry. 
Nami-Tsuki's avatar
it's okay <3 thank you!!
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Aww snap! I'll have to read it when I get the time!
Sausty's avatar
Wow, this was really great.
The music is nice and calm, the art style is REALLY cute, and the story is great. C:
11/5 <3
Nami-Tsuki's avatar
aw thank you so much ;u;
Sausty's avatar
of course! / v \
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I just finished playing it. Thanks for such a beautiful story.
Nami-Tsuki's avatar
aw wow thank you <333
AzureRat's avatar
That looks like fun. :D
Makoto-4-13's avatar
I'm downloading it right now! Looking forward to it as usual~
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