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Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet

By Nami-Tsuki
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I played this for the first time today and I have to say...... I now ship Syrup with Butterscotch.

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i got this ends:
Pastille ending, Butterscoth ending, and Gumdrop ending.
luck i dont got bad ending
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i got Syrup ending, Gumdrop ending, Candiball ending, bad ending 1, bad ending 2, and worst ending, butterscotch ending, and frozen ending

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I got all the endings
including all the bad ones
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the bad ones? nooo id ont get it!!1

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Hello, I wanted to ask you a question, in it says "6/23/2016 - spanish translation is up!" but it does not bring the translation into Spanish, do I have to do something to enable it?
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the spanish version is currently in a separate download, it should be called " (spanish)"

sorry for the confusion!
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Ohhhh thanks, but i'm in linux :s

Hopefully one day you can incorporate Spanish to other versions ^^
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oh ok, yeah i need to transfer it over to the main version, i just haven't had the time! sorry about that :(
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What Program Do You To Draw These Pictures?
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clip studio paint!
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I love this game~ Pastille and Toffee are my favourite characters (I can't get the last ending though [that last one on the list of endings {i think it's a bad end. Is it a bad end?}])
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yep it's a bad end haha it's pretty tricky to get to so good luck!
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This game is so sweet (well, except the bad ends, damn some of those are dark, but the rest is very cute and heartwarming).

[spoilers for anyone who's not played/seen the good endings but]
Do you ever think of Syrup, Pastille and Gumdrop as sort of a family unit? I mean, in the Pastille end they seem like they'd make a good couple, and Gumdrop is sort of like their daughter since Syrup made the sweets and Pastille put her together and brought her to life...
Maybe I just like family unit ships too much, I like the idea of Sans & Toriel raising Frisk after the end of Undertale too.
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It's a saccharine every sense of the word.
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*is happy to see you are active* i saw you on newgrounds and i came here to fall in love with your art \(VwV)/
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Okay so my first playthrough was completely blind ( I p much just downloaded it without reading and went right into playing), and I got the Butterscotch ending and it was soooo cute.
then I went on to straight candible and bad endings.

I'm really looking forward to the other endings, I just know I have to catch em all. Everything about it is super adorable and fun, and all the dialog was really funny. 
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gosh thanks so much!! i'm glad you're enjoying it!!
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Aaaaa! What is this? 8> I'm picky about games but I love your art, do you have a short summary of the game?
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if you click the link the download page has everything you need to know haha
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everything you need to know is in the link haha
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It's been awhile that you upload something in Deviantart.

Welcome back Nami!^_^
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