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How I Loathe Being a Magical Girl - Page 65

By Nami-Tsuki
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I'm no longer going to be posting this comic on dA. You can always find it here instead >…

I don't use this site very much anymore and I feel like it's time to let go. So I'm slowly phasing out I guess!

Sorry if that's disappointing to anyone, you can always find me on twitter though! >

Plus I'm gonna be making a blogspot to post things to so I'll link to that when it's ready

Thank you for reading <3
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This is a very entertaining read! Love how you change colour as you get to a new chapter, it's a real nice touch, the humour present in this story is good and i really look forward to reading the rest!
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Awwww, alright then ^v^ !
I'll follow your adorable comics and the adorable you anytime ^v^ !

It just breaks my heart a bit that your slowly letting go of the site I met you on, but whatever happens, I'll support you no matter what site or world you're on ^v^ !!!!

Good luck my Disgaea-senpai Adell GIF 

Prinny smiley 
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Aww! Oh well! Author's choice!
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hmmm... are u still gonna post art on tumblr? I love ur disgaea art!
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i'm in the process of leaving tumblr actually ;; but thank you
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TT^TT well im glad for all the art that you have put on here. i shall forever cherish it. is there a specific reason u r leaving, if i may ask?
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ahh i wasn't happy with recent changes to the site but i decided to just cut back on using it instead of leaving all together. so i'm actually still posting art on my art blog!
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I am scared for Nellie :(
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I'm not! In fact, I hope that fancy-looking tank shoots her down...FOR THE GLORIOUS DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF KOREA!
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Well of course, Twitter is more useful than Deviantart *obvious sarcasm*
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Lewis get back here!
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