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A Tower Race Becomes Explosive

By Nami-Tsuki
Title = pun off of "A Dark Race Becomes Magnificent" which is a song from Disgaea's OST :D

Download for huge-ness

Characters (c) NIS
Art (c) Meee

Drawn in Flash in case anyone was wondering~
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© 2010 - 2021 Nami-Tsuki
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._. Rozy felt jealous, Mao was amazed..
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Used to play this as a kid. Get out of hospital, then play it again.
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poor prinny dood
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From what I can tell...
Rozalin, wanting to be superior than others, looks like she REALLY wants to win.
Adell seems frustrated as he would rather just fight, being a battle maniac. However is troubled as he "promised" to win (prior to learning it was a race).
Mao began to get ideas about a new experiment, fusing people and making them into real towers.
Raspberyl thinks the other towers may be cheating, though she trusted Pleinair (being the class rep) to not keep an eye on her.
Almaz is wondering what Sapphire is up to right now.
Flonne is regretting being the bottom, she thought it was a way cooler idea before the race and saw it like fusing together to form a giant robot. She was wrong.
Etna doesn't care and is bored, as usual.
Laharl is rather happy, being on top and being taller has brightened his mood considerably.
Pleinair, not amused that the thing on her head wasn't usagi and mostly non edible, (Prinny juice dood?) tossed it away with hopes something amusing would happen.
The Prinny wishes he went to college.

Long analysis over. Time to stare at it in admiration some more
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"The Prinny wishes he went to college"
Has to be the best one on the list there XD
Nami-Tsuki's avatar
Haha, this comment is the best <3
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I've been complemented for being a giant nerd 8D
YakuraShima's avatar
Very cute and awesome!
And I still really want to play this gaaaame!!!
Nami-Tsuki's avatar

I'll add you to my army of people-Nami-got-to-play/buy/love-Disgaea
FairGwenevre's avatar
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Oh noes! Pleinair threw a Prinny

Great job :la:
mallowboo's avatar
Aww this is so cute!! I love how you draw sooo much!! :love:
Nami-Tsuki's avatar
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GrimmjowJaggerjack52's avatar
OMG!! Disgaea Fanart <333
Rozalin and Mao are like "damm Laharl, stop stealing my screen" XD
And love Plenair X3 i wish there were more pictures of her around the internet >.<
Nami-Tsuki's avatar
I have a ton by Takehito Harada~ They're all on his site.
GrimmjowJaggerjack52's avatar
Oh, i've search already for his stuff, but can't find his site only random things around places like konachan >.<
GrimmjowJaggerjack52's avatar
O.O WOW I really like your cartoon shading on it, Nami. It's almost professional quality shading with that. I wants to hug them all! ^3^
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Thanks :'D I think I'm finally like... good at art lol

But I still have to go to college and learn a jillion more things XDDD
True, but this shows you have talent and love for art. =3 I hope I see your art in a manga someday!
Nami-Tsuki's avatar
It'll more likely be in a video game lol
Fushica's avatar


and I will FINALLY get to play this game
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