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Therian Form Landorus

By Namh
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I did this quickie for testing my tablet.

Hope you like it.

If you want to see Thundurus' new form drawn by me here's the link :thumb324891733:
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TDubbCAotearoa's avatar
Do the others like this pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeee
xxReshiramxx's avatar
Landorus reminds me of a Ground-Type version of Raikou.
azureknight626's avatar
now i see why he trades his ability for intimidate, nicely done
Jiraiya9000's avatar
Syaoran2's avatar
You're so good... But where's Tornadus? You've got mustache cat and mustache... thing... but not mustache bird?
Namh's avatar
I never liked the bird >> but I'll draw it with some other birds in a near future : )
Syaoran2's avatar
You would seriously blow my mind if you just drew it with like, a honchkrow. Because they're possibly the two most badass birds in the game, and the have complimentary facial hair! :O
KennethSloane's avatar
landorus new form looks down right scary! :O
The-Lake-of-Fire's avatar
Landorus = DAT EURF!
EarthyDragon88's avatar
nice, oh info on the therian forms of kamis, they are base of the 4 main zodiac animals, Azure (blue)Dragon (Thundorus), White(gold) Tiger(landorus) and Vermilion bird(Tornadus) Note Tornadus is green but was originally plan to be red.

anyway nice art and fav.
Tsuri-chan's avatar
That is so freakin cool! (I just caught one of these today)
Stretchtail's avatar
wow thats amazing!
kazu95's avatar
Me encanta el efecto de esponjosidad del pelo *A*
NikuAnei's avatar
I think it looks better this way!
jirachicute28's avatar
wow, good work is simply amazing ^^
Jyukai-Koudan's avatar
He sure looks amazing!
GalacticGoat's avatar
whoa, this is a quickie for you? This is better then things that take me forever to draw x.x anyway it looks amazing. love the pose.
Rilenceyang's avatar

I pee'd in my pant!

Would you be doing the other 2s as well?
Nine-Sixteenths's avatar
Now THAT is LEGENDARY :icondatlanceplz:
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