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Sometimes a statement or claim is so batshit crazy it becomes hilarious. List so far: Weaponizing daemons - For the brighter tomorrow! (Doom 2016) Decolonize science! - ([link]) Socialism has caused shortage of Fucks, so I can't give any! ([link])
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Либералы любят говорить о слезинке ребенка.   Но их действия показали, что это было чистое притворство и лицем
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In any age Rulers won't let go of their power willingly It must be forcefully ripped from them Preferably together with their guts.
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Thanks for the support!

Priv Tavarišč! Please tell me, do you still log on sometime(s)?

In that case please check this and that, thanks 😉!
(I had a bit more, unfortunately lost it probs forever with an accidental format w/reinstall on my first laptop ^^;).
Maan those anarchilddies sure are insufferable. I just had a short "exchange" with one, spoiled brats (😆 does this work means in Russian what it means hier?) and sons of rich borgissi faggits who take everything too fucking seriously and can't understand some people have to actually work so can't be on dA 13/y and not everyone is a fucking native speaker of their colonialist language – I mean just like those 99 Cents :XD:.
Ninhu7C36zCV3QJqbYbUgERTfHUk3qsCFVYLQc6Z0JQ by Ghost-MissingNo
I hope there are more people like you on dA, this site was basically taken over by same shills gaymergate fought w/, which is why people like Slavros are eliminated. They dig too deep and abstained from "hackivism", discovering all that shit you'll call cultural "Marxism"/"SJ"Ws/"Progressive"-ism is basically paid by the Altantist governments, likely to harass REAL free world with. But honestly, is this any surprising for you? The left needs no identify politics, unless it's useful for the nation - Which lowering the Caucasoid man's birhtrate certainly isn't.
Thanks for your kind words.
(re)gressives are totally reactionary, incapable of anything constructive, just corroding civilization that nurtures them ungrateful swines. although I would not call them left, as left in general is(was) concerned with class/wealth and SJW with some imaginary s**t like micro agressions and puppy play acceptance or what not.
Seriously, even rabid Maoists like Jason
hates them…
ThanX for the watch.
You deserved it ;)