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(Inflation Audio Story) Dana Takes A Shower

[water inflation, room-filling]

Wherein Dana OBLITERATES the entire Super Smash Brothers Melee For The Nintendo Gamecube playerbase.

This was a trade with TheKairii27, who also drew the background picture. Check out his half here:

Mature Content

Marisap by TheKairii27

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can i get the story?

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Can you maybe make a popping version? I'll be interesting to see what her actions get to her for doing it what she did to her Friend or Roommate
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If she did, would she be fine or dead? Comical burst she’ll be fine, or pink bloody water. Just curious.

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Hi! Send me a note and we could talk about it.
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Dana Takes A Shower and Lavian and Eos' Night In The Woods are some of my favorite audio stories that you've done.

I sincerely hope that we get more audio stories like them in the future, because they, in spite of their (in my opinion) short runtime are amazing to listen to.
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I'm actually kinda surprised you mentioned LaENitW, since I only posted that on YT and not dA. In any case, I definitely plan to upload more inflation audio soon.
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I know its a little weird that i'd mention LaENitW as one of my favorites, but I still count it since its a Swell Reads video, though if I had to use an example of another video that I liked (that is on your DA) then it would have to Mami's Just Deserts.

I look forward to listening to them.
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I’m confused. Do I go to Patreon to hear it. Is there a download? How to o listen to it?
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Click the play button on the video ("watch film") and it should begin.
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? I’m on phone does it not work
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Have you tried viewing on desktop?
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how do u get MP4 videos on this site?

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It's available if you purchase core.
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quick question, how to upload videos on deviantart
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What about this getting animated?
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Well, this was certainly a trip.
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