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(Inflation Audio) Gravity Swell!

Character  Ochaco UrarakaModel  Toru HagakureLocation  Gym Gamma
My Hero Academia actually has two characters named "Toru". This is about the invisible one. 

Art by Snow-chanDA, written by me, and produced by Swell Reads.

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I am one for popping, maybe just of the non-lethal persuasion because yikes.

Headcannon for people who like toru,toga takes form of toru and inflates instead of her

I love this, I would love to see more inflations of other my hero academia characters!

Ochaco looks so beautiful all ballooned up.

What’s with all the murder in your stories lately?

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because i'm crrrAAAAAAAAaazy 🤪🤪

Amazing audio, I love the popping

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What, who's the other Toru? There's only one. Are you thinking of Toga or something?

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Yeah that one, blood succ chick.

Sorry, but is there anywhere we can read the story? Just personally prefer reading stories to listening to 'em.

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I wrote it in script format before voicing and editing, if that counts.

Thanks, mate. Prose or script format, it's an enjoyable read.

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keep the popping coming, Name. Because I will never be sated.

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well, i can always try 🤔

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no mercy to the cowards who always comment for no popping.

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