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[Inflation Audio] Expansion Pack

Fun fact: this is actually a redub of something I did back in early 2019. Check out the original half-hour long recording here: 
Expansion Pack [pt. 1/2]
Expansion Pack [pt. 2/2]
(I am not kidding, this thing had so much unneeded fluff it isn't even funny)

Art by @RiddleAugust, written also by @RiddleAugust (with additional edits from myself), and produced by Swell Reads.

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the only thing I dislike about the story is the ending. understandably I dislike death. other wise good work.

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I hope the cat got away :nuu:

Honestly characters being turned on by being full/inflated is one of my personal favorite things

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IT was good just wished she didn't pop lol

Would have been better without the explosion

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Anywhere I can read this thing out?

Part 1 and two don’t seem to work

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It doesn’t work for me 😭
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“GENE! We got a J-1971 on Bucket street. Some teen blew herself up AGAIN!”

“On my way Depp!”

I like the Willy Wonka joke, nicely done Mr. Wanderer.

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Did ya like how many I put in there

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I have no earthly clue why for some reason this image in this story go great together for me at least

I remember this short story! And all the re-iterated pictures, too.

Right, basics.

Story: Fantastic!

Narration: Superberb!

Voice Acting: Top Notch!

Sound Design: Absolutely Phenomenal!

As an aside/pet peeve, there are SO many inflation-popping audioclips that have a HUGE build up, then end with a dissapointing pop, like a sad balloon.

But this? A distant, quiet explosion, paired with the narrations "...heard for miles!" That was a brilliant choice!

Congratulations and kudos to everyone involved!

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I liked that part too. But I personally wish the popping noises for most audios are loud. Like the kind that rattle your teeth, ya know?

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"expansion pack" fuck you for that pun

This is where the trouble all started for me. This story, this damn story.

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Oh my Goodness! That mature inflation fetish audio really starts to make my stomach ache in pain. In the Beginning, there is a normal person of a superhero like me. During the Video, She grabbed a Special Bottle of Power Juice with a flavor called, Pod Power. One Drink of it will level up and grow fatter and fatter until it becomes inflated like the fattest thing in the world. But in the end, She Explodes in a Disgusting way!

REALITY CHECK: Men and Women do not get inflated! Besides, it will increase the risk of inflation fetish.

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