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[Inflation Audio] All In

This was a long, looong overdue commission. But honestly? I think it appreciated in value over time.

Art by zdemian, written by Inflate123 (with edits by nametaken), and produced by Swell Reads. BGM can be found here.

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This is not Street fighter hacks wtf

This game sounds like fun! I would go in with Latex/Yoga Pants while having the Pump go into my Asswhole! I just wanna see my Thighs, Hips and Butt expand to be a "bit" more filling. Minus the exploding part ofc.

Yeah, Nobody really enjoys the popping, such as I and many other watchers, we at least want a happy ending for a single Comic, admit it. I also want it too.

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I dunno about you, but I love the popping ones. They are my favorite-

big belly babe won't you be mine it hasn't been the same since my wife left me now all i can think about is if i infated her ass mmmmmmmm ye thank you bro very secksy ara ara

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Man, that girl looks really fine!

Now this is my kinda game 😏😍

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I liked it, but I feel there was a bit too much noise/ambiance from the "Crowd" and music. That is only my opinion though.

I agree with this, the narration and dialogue were hard to hear over everything else.

Is the original artwork posted anywhere?

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Doesn't seem to be. But given the fact I have permission to use the image for the audio, here you go:

All In
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Wow! I'm still honored that you wanted to take this somewhere new!

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It took me a LONG time to figure out exactly what direction to take this in, but I'm glad I finally figured it out.

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Heyo can we get the script

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