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Valentine's Day Vector Hearts

By namespace
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Free Vector Hearts for all for Valentine's Day!

For EPS Download or this and more free adobe Illustrator symbols & flash animations at:


Where Glamour Meets the Grind

Everybody loves free stuff!
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Can I use this on a T-shirt please?
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Your art is freakin awsome! Thanks a lot for this!
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I used your lovely stock here: [link]

Thanks so much!
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Wow, this is incredible. And for free, too. I love the epic heart. <3 THANK YOUUU.
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cool.. thanks
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That's wicked, thank you!!
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looks verry coooooool :-)

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You should make this into a shirt. I would buy it. minus the skateboard.
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That's a good point.. consider it done!
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Yeah. I was trying to think of how to use the seperate elements or add/expand on to make something new for resource purposes, but I am having designer's block. The phrase, "Somethings are better left alone." or "Keep it simple." are popping in my head. The word Romeo and the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio keeps coming to mind. Definetly a unisex design.
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example always excellent
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:dance: :dance: :dance: Ohhh :dance: :dance: :dance:
:dance: :dance: :dance: I love it!:dance: :dance: :dance:
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You should. You inspired it. I saw yours and said.. oooooo..
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Ohhhh *_* Too much honored! :worship: :blowkiss:

PS I saw the new grunge set, it's very wow!!! ^_^
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Wow, it's gorgeous! :heart: Thanks for sharing!
Love your vector skills! :+favlove:
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boy! you rock! this is wonderful! :heart:
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girl. but thanks! We are twosome actually.
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Oh that's beautiful o.0
love the black blood/paint job in the back and w/in it! tis love-ely!
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Looks like somebody got internet access!

I need that software back in the next month or so.. :|
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