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Sickest Brush Kit

By namespace
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Swirly Curls Brush Kit - 22 Sick Illustrator Brushes

Now you can do it yourself and create some really funky stuff. I’ve had so much fun with these. I’ve included the entire illustration so you can see how it was done.

For Easier Download:

createSk8 - Free Illustrator Resources

“Looks Distorted!” If your result looks really distorted try flipping the brush. To do this:

Double click the selected brush in the brush pallet

Check Flip Along (or Flip Across)

Click OK

Click Apply to Strokes

Note: If you’ve used the brush already you may want to create a duplicate from the fly out menu and then flip the brush. That way the change does not affect the rest of your work).

Saving as a Brush Library - To save the as a Library:

Select Save Brush Library from the Fly out menu.

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© 2008 - 2020 namespace
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theres no file...just an image
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Is the brush kit still available somewhere?
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Love your stuff.  Too bad your website is down and I can only download jpgs of things...warning to all: doesn't exist now :(
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The site has a lot of problems, half of the links don't work, but thank you nonetheless :)
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it doesn't look like i have any hopes for an answer... but your link is broken :[ is there some other way to get the brushes?
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can i use this brush on Photoshop?
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i want this for photoshop
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Could I use these for commercial purposes?:)

(ex. make and sell invitations that have these in them....?)

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i can´t download....
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thanks. these look great.
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Wonderful as always! Thank you =)
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always a pleasure
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I was wondering if there was anyway to bring these into photoshop to use? I have illustrator but use ps more =)
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This ain't "sick." :)
Its pretty!:clap: Thanks! :hug:
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sick is slang for pretty
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