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It was a dark stormy day in Vitialus, flashes of lightning lit up the thick dark clouds obscuring the stars in the sky. Rain coming down to the ground like a roaring waterfall, flooding the grass below. Crystals of different colors dotting the landscape, something Vitialus was quite known for. A healer, studying to be a Cleric in the future, known as Nagoya, was a blue runner decorated in gold jewelry. She was in her workplace, a cave sat near a river, working on a client, using her dark red magic to heal a wound upon his face. Something she by now was no stranger to, mending small wounds that is. “You should be more careful.” Sh

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Lf PTs for 2 Roro sisters! O: Slots, Krones by NamesisWolf, journal


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I Private Favorite Characters: 🔸If I Private Fave your characters, Its because I plan to do gift art and don't want you to notice until the arts done and posted <3 🔹I like to gift people random art when I'm depressed! But I generally will only do gift art for those I have interacted with before, and maybe want to befriend <3 I am Open to Art-Trades: 🔸But only digital for digital artworks, quality doesn't matter otherwise. 🔹Generally prefer Headshot for Headshot / Fullbody for Fullbody. 🔸I generally prefer the other person to finish first, as I have been cheated out of art this way before with a past mod of a group even (do not fret I'm no longer in that group). Why Lacework King? ◽️I blinked and now own like 5 Laceworks, and a 6th one on the way!◾️ Also, I don't like being referred to as a Queen/Princess due to the type of insults people threw at me growing up. I will stab if referred to as such now <3

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