deviantART Related DDs - November 2011

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This is a monthly article to show all the deviations from the dA related gallery that were featured as Daily Deviations during the month! :happybounce: 

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The features!

deviantART Skins & Scripts (What are skins? What are scripts?)
  Misty Cloud by Seahorsepip  Timeless by iareruss
deviantAnywhere for Chrome by PostaL2600  

deviantART Suggestions(what is this?)
dA Suggestion: Permalink by pawelabrams  Intelligent Search Suggestions by Narfmaster  devART HUB for Windows Phone 7 by Crussong

deviantIDs(what is this?)
:thumb177138482:  steampunk golddd d by overlord-costume-art  water by Calipsooo
NEW ID by Klicki by W0LLE  Beyond the invisible by PhotoBySavannah 

Deviant Stamps(what is this?)
None this month

Deviant Meets(what is this?)

Devious Fun(what is this?)
None this month

deviantART Birthday
None this month

Other dA related DDs
Stamp maker V2 by MenInASuitcase  dAmnMobile 2 for iPad by Pickley :thumb199684321: 
DeviantART icon by Benjigarner  DeviantART Tutorial - Submitting News by KovoWolf 

Community Corner:happybounce:

dA related has a nice community full of fun people and helpful deviations! Here’s some nice places and people to check out for everyone who’s interested in it :D

:pointr: DeviantArt-related - an unofficial group that is about the entire dA related gallery. Updates, news, and of course submissions of all types dA related :D
:pointr: #dARelated is the official chatroom for the gallery. Here, official and unofficial chat events and games take place, and outside of those you can often find people in there too for a general chat.
:pointr: If you want to learn CSS to create journal skins, eCSSercise is a great space to learn!
:pointr: GinkgoWerkstatt has been mentioned before – she has done a lot of work for the dA related gallery, providing great deviations in many of the devious categories as well as resources for people interested in it! Her previously mentioned Overview of dA related is like a treasure chest for anyone interested in this gallery and community. 
:pointr: bradleysays is an enthusiastic member of the community, running dA related groups, interviews, and news updates with features. He is soon bringing his article series "A Week in dA Related" back!
Watching or at least visiting these deviants is much recommended. :nod:

Thanks for reading!:peace:

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hi :wave: thank you alot for the feature :)
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Thanks for the feature of my journal skin that I created in collaboration with ~NellyAsher. I appreciate the support, and I'm sure she does too.
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My pleasure! :happybounce: She was the coder, wasn't she? :)
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Yes she was. :)
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A fine selection, I must say! Thanks for featuring my suggestion!
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Thank you, and my pleasure! :aww:
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Thank you for the feature :)
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Thanks for the feature :) I have two other suggestions you might be interested in as well. If you think you might, I could link them to you.
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I saw them, thank you! :D and my pleasure :happybounce:
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This seems really interesting & informative.Thanks for sharing it!
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Nice collection :)
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