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October 26, 2008
Just in time for Halloween, Reaper Emote by ~NamelessBot portrays Death himself showing off his morbid authority with a very nicely animated swing of the scythe. But not to worry, he looks friendly enough. Don't fear the Reaper!
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Suggested by InvaderMar
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Reaper Emote

Just in time for Halloween. :aww:

Testing robed emotes for something. This was fun to make, but simple.

Four frames.

Please don't ask to use this as an icon, it's too large for the 50x50 anyway. Oh, by the by, this is me saying that no one has my permission to use this as an icon.
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grimagix's avatar
oh dratz ....I love the reaper:confused: would you sell it?
grimagix's avatar
would you:D I love it big times
NamelessBot's avatar
What do you mean?
grimagix's avatar
I like this little reaper you made, and I, wondering if you sale him to me since I run by the name grim
NamelessBot's avatar
It's not like you'd be able to use it for anything.
grimagix's avatar
i would use it for my avatar on here:D
NamelessBot's avatar
Read the description, thoroughly.
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lynsea's avatar
Ja-Kitsu-Ryou's avatar
:mwahaha: Dark cuteness, gotta love it...and he looks so innocent too, thus does death often come unawares. :mwahaha: Brilliant. :+favlove:
Liwa-Soul's avatar
EvilEvan64's avatar
I LIKE IT! can you tell why?
NamelessBot's avatar
Just a wild guess... because you're evil?
EvilEvan64's avatar
BellaU's avatar
:lol: Love it! Great job and congrats on the DD!
Ninja-Cloud's avatar
Nice! Congrats on the DD!
Nosvertu's avatar
I would suggest you make a plz account with this, but the 50x50 thing... yeah.

But it is pretty cool, though.
hurzdischnurz's avatar
why cant u show it bigger? u need a microscope for this.
NamelessBot's avatar
It's pixel art? o.O
hurzdischnurz's avatar
is it? :)
well make it bigger somehow anyways.
QAuZ's avatar
This is a first time i see animated icon like that in DeviantART , i mean the fast move so cool :D
FabulousFabulous's avatar
What's with the face? It's just a smiley. I mean, it would look better if it was... anything else.
NamelessBot's avatar
See description, this was a test. I used my base flesh colored emote to see how it would look.

I uploaded it for fun and it got a DD. :shrug:
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