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The Nintendo Wii

I don't know about you, but I think the Wii is a wiitarted name... Just throwing that out there.
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DUDE! Seriously, the Wii is NOT bigger than the Wiimote, they are about the same in length.
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Thank you sir, for your kindly-worded constructive criticism. I appreciate the general positive vibe I'm getting from you. Please take into account though that I have never actually owned a Wii, so I can't say that this picture is very accurate.

Thanks for the support though! :D
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Your welcome, but you could've looked at some pictures of the Wii carefully before you make them.
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I believe my picture is fairly accurate; most things aside from the Wii/remote size ratio are quite accurate.

Again, it's always nice to hear that people like my work. :) Thanks for the friendly words, and I really appreciate all you've said.
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it looks....clean!!
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nice job. I did a in illustrator for a class.
its kinda a litle bit too shiny but it looks very cool if not real
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Hey, many thanks for the critique.
no prob but this post has become somewhat an argument if the name "wii" is good or not. ITS ALREADY BEEN NAMED SO LIVE WITH IT
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Yeah, notice that this was posted a while ago, and that the name 'Wii' has been embraced.
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lol nice pun but i like the name wii
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Yeah, it's not too bad.
By the way, thanks for the favs.
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i think the wii name is awesome one time i asked my girlfriend if she wanted to come over and play my wii i was refering to the console...atleast she thought
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Great, that's playful.
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We're 2 years since when the "Wii" name was announced... and it stills sounds lame! The console rocks though.

Nice job!!
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I'm pretty okay with the name WII instead of some nintendo- xxxx name.
Nunchuck looks a little long and should be fatter on the bottom, other then that, nice job !
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Thanks, I haven't gotten around to making a better version.
you think "wii" is a retarded name? ever heard of the "gizmondo"?
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