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Drifting just before the kuiper belt, ex-planet Pluto and its companion Charon orbit the sun. At 1 point their orbit intersects that of Neptune and for a while Pluto is closer to the sun than Neptune. But as chance would have it, shorty after its exclusion from the solar system, the now so-called dwarf planets orbit gets distrupted by neptunes gravitational forces. It drifts away from us, slowly but surely. Exclusion had its price, now there are really only 8 planets left.


This is my submission for the ~Space-Artists Incomprehensible Distances pack: [link] . Its my first attempt at a galaxy and im fond of the result. All in all im happy with the way it turned out. Enjoy this lil tribute to Pluto
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you feel like your there.
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you feel like your there.
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really good galaxy! I also like the planets and the amount of stars you have chosen, it diserves a fav!
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so pretty, i love it :)
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Dang... ... it's spectacular
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Hell, wish my attempt at a galaxy looked that good. Although I think the central bulge is way too big.
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ya it was my first attempt, looks better the second time, i added more realism in the second ^^
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cheers mate, its an olde one though. xD
i do refer to anything above 4 weeks as old but still hehe
thanks for the comment, appreciate it
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Fuckssake... I think this is one of my favorite pieces on da.
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Wow, I can't believe I didn't notice this in your gallery before it was features in JoeJesus' journal! Nice work!
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cheers, glad you liek it
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WOW man this one is awesome. :+fav:
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Featured in my journal!
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i love you work :O it's so awesome!!! :D :D :D
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haha thanks
apreciate it ;P
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You've been featured here : [link] :D
Congratulations, you deserve it, keep it right :brushteeth:
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haha cheers, appreciate it
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