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TND presents: Diffraction
My entry for the Terraspace Massive Explosions pack!


The star of a distant solar system has just gone Nova. The deadly radiation burst is racing towards the outer reaches of a solar system wich has already been tremendously affected by the dying sun.

Tremendous gravitational stress has disintigrated one of the smaller moons of the systems lone gas giant, and the larger companion moon is being pelted by bits its dead twin.

In the final moments before the moon, the giant, and their memory is forever wiped from existance. The remaining pieces of the dead sattelite diffract the deadly light one last time.


First artwork made on my new computer, I still dont have all my files and programs back yet but i hope this turned out ok.

Hope you enjoy my contribution to :iconterraspace:'s kickass pack.
Go and look at it and fave it, else no pie for you!

©2008 Alexei Kozachenko

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Wallpaper versions might come later if demand is great.
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© 2008 - 2021 Nameless-Designer
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Gahd-damn man. This is fantastic! So well thought out.
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awesome work man :thumbsup:
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beautiful o.o.... XD
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its mind bottling.
absolutely bearthtaking i wish it was real and i could see it with my own eyes keep up this work
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i love this texture and cracks in the planet! it's beautiful, how did you make it? c4d?
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nope, photoshop. :)
the only things in this image that are from c4d are the rendered version of teh gas giant (texture lightning and implementation in PS) and teh asteroids
i use c4d only for base rendering from tiem to time
the rest is always PS
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you blow me away with every single image you make, truly fantastic, i would really like to know how to create that, ive got 5 years of experience in photoshop and i dont even know how to do that
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Fantastic work :)
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oh, awesome! I love that light and -- colored light. :dance:. Great piece. :boing: What I realy luv the most though, is when you have planets that are about to explode or they are cracking with lava flow and such.
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Beautiful Colors. Me likey
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Hey buddy,
Your wonderful art, has been featured in this news article right here, [link] . So would be cool to see you there :) And maybe :+fav: the article to show your support ! :)

Kind Regards,

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Looks really good. Like the storyline as well.
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OMFG dude this flipped on its side is the sickest wallpaper ever! xD
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The planet is.. stuning! great details
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The lighting, cracks on the small moon, and bg are awesome. nice :D
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just noticed the prisma like effect in the light rays. great detail right there! really makes it come to life.
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