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Contact : Harvest

This Image is my personal tribute to Bungie and their efforts to bring us the best game in history.
Rarely has a game ever had a rich and compelling story that moves you so.
I recreated one of the scenes wich i think would have moved alot if it wouldve been shown ingame.

Humanities first contact with a race who wishes only to obliterate it from the face of the Universe.
The whole colony of Harvest, lost.
Its Oceans boiled away, its surface but glass.

A few humans manage to escape, some of them will live to avenge their fallen brethen on harvest.
May their ashes forever drift in silence of the void.

Halo ©Bungie Studios and Microsoft
All artwork including Ship modelling made by me.

Tools: Photoshop CS 2
Cinema 4d


Wallpaper pack may be availible in near future. Keep your eyes open.

I shall retire from the intwerwebs on the week or two be4 halo 3s release so as not to be spoiled by some unforseen events. Will be back in action when ive beaten campaign at least 3 times.
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Very beautiful. There's something so evocative about this sort of concept art for lost projects. Like the memory of a dream of a memory.