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Added 11 new stockers  18th of August 2014

Hy folks

As I am lately back with some manips, I thought its about time 
to make a journal with some of my favourite stockers :)

Why they are my favourite? Well they are for several reasons!
Each of those who will be listed here, will have:

:bulletpink: good to excellent quality, 
:bulletpink: Sizes which are usable beyond webpics shortest side at least 1200, 
(that excludes cutouts, jewellery or any stuff you wouldn't need as primary object in your manip and seamless patterns)

:bulletblue: Rules that allow commercial usage (at least on dA and on request for outside dA) 
:bulletblue: Rules that allow outside dA usage without being forced to slap the stockers name ON the artwork itself. 
:bulletblue: or Rules that are fully unrestricted

:bulletred: This includes stock-providers that take a few points for their stock, because I rather pay a few points if the TOU's & quality are great, than use stock with absurde TOU's
:bulletred: if you don't like to pay a few points,  often somewhere between 50 cents and 2 $ (yep some even a little more) before you complain have once! a look at a pro stock page and what they charge for commercial usage prices! They start at 80$ for one pic if you want it in a printable resolution!
:bulletred: some galleries may contain unrestricted and restricted stock please read the terms carefully :)
:bulletred: Be careful, not all listed offer solely stock, some have a mixed gallery with art and stock, so look where the deviation in question is listed

Every stock-artist
listed in this journal 
may display this award 
on their frontpage 
Stock award by Nameda by Nameda
(as long as the rules don't change to restrictive ones)

Let's say a BIG thank you! to those wonderful stock-artists, who put so much time and effort in providing us  with great material for our artworks and that without rules that gag your creativity.  And the best thanks is actually faving BEFORE you even download and letting them know that you used their stock and abide the few rules they do have!

This list is by no means complete as of yet. I didn't even add all my watched stockers, 
but I didn't want to work on days on this journal alone. But promised I will add more!
This list here will only be for dA stock providers, for a list of great stock resources outside dA:
Free Stock and Resources outside dAPlease fave if you find this journal useful
I updated and added new stuff on: March 9th 2014
Hy folks,
before I started doing my own art, I was an avid incredimail email- stationary creator.
(All legal always with freeware, according to terms, with written permission etc)
For that reason I have collected a massive bunch of pages with stockphotos (free for profit reasons)
free & shareware fonts, plugin pages and so on.
I thought that it might be as useful for creating art for some of you.
The quality and resolution of the images varies so check yourself :)
I met several people who don't know much free stock outside dA..
although dA holds fantastic stock photographers and artists too! one can never have enough choice ;)
Where possible I added a link to their TOU (Terms of use) beside the link to the mainpage
As a disclaimer:
I am not affiliated with one of the pages linked to, nor am I to hold liable for any content there. You visit those sides at your own ris

If you are looking for yourself, be careful, there are folks that offer google stock! 
Some signs when you should start to do google reverse search:

:bulletred: many really small pictures / cutouts (everything below 1000 pixels on the long side)
:bulletred: typical wallpaper sizes
:bulletred: very inconsistent quality from top of the notch to total crap
:bulletred: too many camera types. like several different mobiles, a Canon Mark DII, a Nikon D800 a Sony point and shoot....
(attention if there is a change in the timeline like say that mobile till 2010 and
 this DSLR till 2012 and from there on different one thats not what I mean! Or when several deviants run an stock account together!)

If you know great stockers who deserve to be on this list let me know! 

:heart: Stock artists from A - Z :heart:

thank you so much for great stock and fair, acceptable rules!!

Fireworks Stock 001 by 1337-1stock Beach Stock 006 by 1337-1stock  Male Stock 014 by 1337-1stock

Victorian Mossy Red Brick Stck by aegiandyad Ripple Shadows On Green Algae by aegiandyad The Impossible View From London Bridge Stock by aegiandyad

Nepal 15 by almudena-stock Texture 10 by almudena-stock Castle - transparent file by almudena-stock
mammatus IV by amka-stock red color cloud by amka-stock window 2 by amka-stock 

anyasamhain (do NOT! use any cut-outs from this gallery!)



Lake Michigan at Sunrise 28 by ArrsistableStock Macy 6 by ArrsistableStock  Starry Night Texture by ArrsistableStock

<da:thumb id="424911490"/> <da:thumb id="424068816"/>


Sunset at Beach Stock II by Avestra-Stock  White Victorian Dress Stock by Avestra-Stock White Lily Stock by Avestra-Stock
Pink and Blue II by Baq-Stock  Angel Statue III by Baq-Stock  Post Alley I by Baq-Stock

Dead Swamp by Burtn Double Sun by Burtn Forest Scene With Bridge by Burtn

Mango 2 by ConvulsionStock Landscape 6 by ConvulsionStock  Bok Tower 1 by ConvulsionStock
<da:thumb id="446548966"/><da:thumb id="445268939"/> 

Snail by FrankAndCarySTOCKHeavenly Pink by FrankAndCarySTOCK Bridge STOCK by FrankAndCarySTOCK

LAV Flutter-Pack Blue 01 by geoectomy-stock  <da:thumb id="141996564"/>

Garden waterfall by GoblinStock  Half Barrel 01 by GoblinStock

flow by JLarenStock  epiphany by JLarenStock  djin's battle hymn by JLarenStock

Medieval street Curemonte 02 by HermitCrabStock Premade 02 - Grass and leaves by HermitCrabStock Versailles chest by HermitCrabStock

Sci-fi_Prop 7 - Stock by Inadesign-Stock Crystal 1 - Stock by Inadesign-Stock Knife 6 - Stock by Inadesign-Stock
Garden 4 by JewelsStock Cloud Anvil by JewelsStock Burro 2 by JewelsStock
Livingstone Daisies Stock by jojo22  BT 84 by jojo22  Hermit Crab Stock by jojo22

Fantasy Animals PNG Stock Pack by Roy3D The Lakes-6322 by Roy3D Steam Engine 01 PNG Stock by Roy3D
Mammals 048 by Kowia  Boats 107 by Kowia Sea life 033 by Kowia

Dusk on Mountains Stock by leeorr-stock Moss Forest 1 by leeorr-stock  Generic Waterfall 9000 by leeorr-stock

Sea Anemone Stock 2 by Melyssah6-Stock  Shimmer Texture Stock 1 by Melyssah6-Stock Blue Dress Stock by Melyssah6-Stock

Petals Fractal Stock by Moonchilde-Stock FL Water Lily Stock by Moonchilde-Stock Chapel Stock 2 by Moonchilde-Stock
<da:thumb id="332834805"/> <da:thumb id="55861576"/>

Arcade by pixelmixtur-stocks  Test Tube Stock 20 by pixelmixtur-stocks  Potted Plant Stock (Yucca Palm) by pixelmixtur-stocks
Peacock/Peafowl Stock by redwolf518stock Chontales Texture Stock by redwolf518stock Rose Garden Stock II by redwolf518stock

Trees 14 PNG Stock by Roy3D Lindisfarne Castle 2 by Roy3D  Llangollen-52 by Roy3D

Burg Eltz by sacral-stock Crown by sacral-stock Crusaders 1 by sacral-stock

Springtime by SarahharaS1 Pink queen by SarahharaS1 Paper kite butterfly by SarahharaS1


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Thank you so much - I have not gone through all of these yet, but this is an exceptionally helpful and thoughtful project you did!