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I updated and added new stuff on: March 9th 2014

Hy folks,

before I started doing my own art, I was an avid incredimail email- stationary creator.
(All legal always with freeware, according to terms, with written permission etc)

For that reason I have collected a massive bunch of pages with stockphotos (free for profit reasons)
free & shareware fonts, plugin pages and so on.

I thought that it might be as useful for creating art for some of you.
The quality and resolution of the images varies so check yourself :)

I met several people who don't know much free stock outside dA..
although dA holds fantastic stock photographers and artists too! one can never have enough choice ;)
Where possible I added a link to their TOU (Terms of use) beside the link to the mainpage

As a disclaimer:
I am not affiliated with one of the pages linked to, nor am I to hold liable for any content there. You visit those sides at your own risks!

If you have any suggestions for freeware please let me know, but make sure, it is real!! freeware.
I won't publish any cracked and illegal stuff here at all!

so here we go:


Big Foto   Big Foto TOU  
Burningwell   Burningwell TOU: 
CG textures  TOU: look under FAQ
DHD Multimediagallery  DHD TOU  
Fotosforall    Fotosforall TOU (only german sorry!)  
Free Nature Pics   TOU must be shared alike (some rights reserved)  
Free  TOU scroll down 
Freestock CA TOU directly on the mainpage founder is: boldfrontiers
Free Stock Photography TOU: see mainpage
Geek Philosopher   Geek TOU
Dennis Hill & Friends TOU: see mainpage
Lost &  Taken   Lost & Taken TOU
Imageafter  Imageafter TOU  
Morguefile  Morguefile TOU
Photomanips are ok unless special TOU's are mentioned at the photos and credit to NOAA and photographer has to be given
Photos Public Domain  PPD TOU

Free Fractal Programs

Apophysis ~ Fractal
Double Fractal
Fractal Explorer

Free Image Editors & Viewers 

& free photoshop substitutes 

Photoscape Free Image Viewer, Converter Editor
ExifPro Image Viewer
raw converter
RAW Thumbnail Viewer
Psd Thumbnail Viewer

Free and Shareware Plugins & Software

Auto interlace from 
A vast multitude of Photoshop Video tuts

:new: Photoshop stuff

styles, brushes, filters, gradients, plugins, tutorials etc. TOU beside each download 
Luce plugin
My Photoshop Brushes (and more) TOU beside each download
Pencilpixels free PS styles
Pencilpixels free PS styles 2 page of redheadstock 
Photoshop Filters net
this is prolly the best page download of free plugins , link to commercial ones 
and!!! preview of prolly most filters and what they do!
PSD tutorials actions - german 
Smashing Magazine Photoshop actions 
:new: CoffeShopBlog actions TOU  

Other useful non graphic software

Abylon Shredder
media converter
Colour Spy
Real Hide
Revo Uninstaller
Spybot Search & Destroy
small but useful!!! Unlocker 32 bit Unlocker 64 bit
Winrar 3 deutsch/ german

Photoshop tutorials

Vlad Studios Photoshop tutorials
Photoshop only german
candle tutorial
Tutorialvault loads of tuts not just photoshop
vector tutorial for photoshop
15 amazing tutorials for photoshop

unsorted but useful stuff

Color Combinations and Color Schemes
Giveaway of the day each 24 h a new free program/ game/ plugin allways available for 24 h only
Multicolr Search Lab for Flickr
might be helpful to find possible artthefts
Knit Pro ~ make knitting patterns from your art
photography marketing

Free and Shareware fonts 

I didn't check most of the pages below

Font View 
Easy system: green button beside download button free for commercial usage, red not free 
I downloaded 3 fonts as a test.. in all 3 zips the usage terms of author where included
fontboom. com 
type of liscense given in the extended description 
All fonts are advertised as free for commercial usage   
I downloaded 3 fonts as a test.. in all 3 zips the usage terms of author where included  
free-, share- email ware written below each font   
I downloaded 3 fonts as a test.. in all 3 zips the usage terms of author where included   
I downloaded 3 fonts as a test.. in all 3 zips the usage terms of author where included 

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Thank you so much for this!