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D'hurr, I like gryphons. *brick*

The anatomy is kinda funky, but I just wanted to be done with it. Mmm, clouds.
Painter painted.
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there are good ways to put your mark, do you really have to ruin the wonderful view with a watermark?
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NambrothProfessional General Artist
Fortunately, no one forces you to look. Unfortunately, these older images of mine were taken off of Deviantart and re-sold on products on eBay frequently. To see them without the large watermark, visit my website.
You'll notice, also, that I posted this more than 10 years ago, and have since watermarked my work in a different way.
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what is your website?
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NambrothProfessional General Artist
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sbbelknap03Hobbyist Digital Artist
The clouds make a perfect background! The eyes are so vivd and i just love it so much! I wouldn't change a thing!
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TrottingPerytonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Now that's majestic.
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LupusAzulliStudent Digital Artist
OMG. OMFG. :omg:
Amazing, this takes beautiful to another measure.
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This makes me feel like i'm flying too :dance:
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StealthbearsHobbyist Photographer
very very nice, i like it... Zephyr is my LAN name, if you know what that is
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NambrothProfessional General Artist
It's also my cockatiel's name.
My LAN name is dragon XD
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StealthbearsHobbyist Photographer
cool =)
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ThePhantomDragonProfessional Filmographer
i love how the loght is shining throught the feathers ^^
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Painter painted with Painter painting Painter. Confusing xD
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so beautiful
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I see a distinct lack of funk in the picture, but that's just me. :P
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TavorielHobbyist General Artist
That's pretty!
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TheAntimonyElementHobbyist General Artist
The way the sunlight comes throught the primary feathers is perfect. Beautiful piece.
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This is lovely! I love the detail on the face, head, and chest of the gryphon. I also love how it fades out to less detail on the ends of the wings. The clouds are superb and I can just imagine the gryphon soaring around in the sun above the clouds. Great work.
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ghuuufufuufufu i luuurve gryphons :D
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Your clouds are breathtaking!
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DragonePhyrusHobbyist Photographer
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all hail the god of gryphons
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I quite like it. its really pretty.
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