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Winged Wolf

By Nambroth
I was debating if I should actually post these up or not, since I usually only like to put my more refined work on DA, but I figured maybe folks would like to see a few of my less involved works. I really like watercolor, even though I don't really know how to use it, because it's pretty spontanious and if I make a mistake I just shrug and figure, what the hell. XD

This has a few problems that I'm aware of, but it was done freehand in ink and there's not much fixing that. XD

6" x 5.5" watercolor and ink.
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© 2005 - 2021 Nambroth
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I'm sorry that this keeps getting stolen; I see that you've had to put a watermark over the image, and needing watermarks sucks because they cover your art. :/ I hope that these thieves are dealt with. This is a very pretty image, and the anatomy is great :)
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I'm sorry to tell you this, especially since it seems this image get's stolen so often, but someone's taken this and uploaded it as their own:
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Thanks for letting me know! It's actually pretty easy to get blatant stuff like this taken down, so I appreciate it.
IdunaHayaPhotography's avatar
No problem :) People should show more respect for other peoples hard work 
Whispersong22's avatar
I've seen this before, i think...where could i have seen this before??
Nambroth's avatar
Sadly this image gets stolen a lot, so it could have been a bunch of places.
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I love this Winged Wolf very stunning
animewolf345's avatar
It looks so much like Robbie on wolf's rain I love him
GoldenPheonix5's avatar
I love this picture! I look forward to gazing it after school.
Angel-Rawien's avatar
Did you ever get the pics of the tattoo that I sent to you? =]
Nambroth's avatar
I don't think I did! :O Can you email them to me?
Angel-Rawien's avatar
Yes! I will send them when I get out of work tonight! =]
XstarwolfX's avatar
This is beautiful! its a lovely magical creature :heart: :heart: :heart:
CorrodingCorpse93's avatar
Is it okay if I use this as a preview pic for my story? I...kinda already did, buuut that was before I knew it was if you want me to take it of, I will. Of course I'd credit you for it's creation...of course...
Nambroth's avatar
Just give credit and a link back and we are okay. :)
CorrodingCorpse93's avatar
[link] <--Is that fine? I linked it to the picture and...said it was yours.
Nambroth's avatar
That's okay. Thank you for asking! :)
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Not quite, though I do love silverbolt!
soren7550's avatar
Close enough though.
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very nice water color work. i love the wolf's pose and he looks very dramatic.
Wolfoxy1's avatar
How could u have debated, this is sooooo good.
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