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August 16, 2019
Turbulence - Brewer's Blackbirds by Nambroth
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Turbulence - Brewer's Blackbirds

"Turbulence" Brewer's Blackbirds; 21"x26" oil on panel. A peek at a new painting, part of my "Feather Light" solo show at Crary Art Gallery opening this Saturday! 
Working through and learning to understand the beautiful iridescence of these cheeky birds sure was a journey!
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arianja's avatar
This almost looks like a photo! it's amazing and incredibly beautiful :love:
ikazon's avatar

Wonderful work. Thank you for sharing with us! :w00t:

CapscesDigitalInk's avatar
Congratulations, amazing piece!
Tinselfire's avatar
Absolutely splendid metallics - and not only the birds.

Well done.
TimelyMannerz's avatar
Simply beautiful.
Theeartistkid's avatar
Congrats on the DD!
WillemSvdMerwe's avatar
Congrats on the DD!
Fractaldragon's avatar
Beautiful work! It almost doesn't seem right to call them "blackbirds." Love how you got that beautiful iridescence. Congrats on the DD!
GeaAusten's avatar
Andorada's avatar
Wow - you did manage to reproduce the iridescence! would you care sharing with us how you did it?
wonderful work! :clap:
Nambroth's avatar
No tricks, just careful observation of color! Often you will have rich dark areas right next to a saturated color, though. It can be helpful to find an iridescent object or photo of something iridescent, zoom in very close (or look closely if observing from life) and try to notice what is going on, in terms of color, in a very small area at first. It can look quite abstract very close like that, and makes your brain observe the actual color shifts instead of what you think you see :)
Andorada's avatar

thank you! would you consider making a step by step tutorial? you really master this effect! :flirty:

Nambroth's avatar
I don't really make tutorials, I do post the step by step WIPs of my paintings on my Patreon, though.
Andorada's avatar
I see - I'll have a look, thank you!
davincipoppalag's avatar
Congrats on the DD!!!
7Bugs's avatar
Congratulations on the DD! Clap
HerbalRx's avatar

Amazing colors!

Aeroslash's avatar
We get SO many of these blackbirds in our yard cause we have a feeder! They really do look just like this and are often in big flocks. The ones that come into our yard, there's like at least 15 and they all land at once and feed on the fallen seeds from the feeder and some fly onto the feeder, too. I like you show the sheen and the greenish hue off the blackbirds, too. That's something I don't see conveyed that often in drawings/paintings of blackbirds. Excellent job! :D
Nambroth's avatar
Thank you so much!! I haven't ever seen a large flock as I live in the eastern US and Brewer's blackbirds don't live here, but I did love seeing them out west!
Aeroslash's avatar
You're very welcome! And oh I see, yes they really do gather in rather big flocks in our neighborhood. I'm glad you got to see them when you were out West! What birds do you commonly see out East since you don't have blackbirds?
Nambroth's avatar
We have other species of blackbirds, just not Brewer's! We have grackles, red-winged blackbirds, cowbirds, etc. :)
Aeroslash's avatar
Oh I see, well I'm glad to hear you have some species of blackbirds there as well! ^^ We have red-wings too and cowbirds. I love red-wings they are very lovely to spot and observe in nature! 
Roo-Gryphon's avatar
 everything's gonna be alright .....
demihime's avatar
What cute little birds~! I just adore how you do feathers, you capture their subtle iridescence and colors so well~!
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