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Touched by Flame

My piece for the 2015 Werewolf Calendar!

Natural disasters such as wildfires are an enormous blow to the werewolves that dwell in territories where such things occur. While natural disasters are often the bringers of new life and change in an ecosystem, the immediate impact upon the lives of creatures living there is certainly devastating, both physically and emotionally. Loss of home, habitat, and food are keenly felt by all. Focus placed upon natural disasters often looks deeply into the impact and role they play on human society; while we recognize that the wildlife in such habitats must be effected as well, it is my hope that this werewolf bridges the gap in empathy between human and animal. I have created a smokey, slightly hazy scene, where glimpses of the recent fire remain. A beam of sun filters through the smoke to light up the curled, charred ferns that the werewolf contemplates. There is hope and change in the air, but right now, all seems lost.

Calendars go on Sale September 1st; the first 150 orders get some extra goodies, too!
More information and ordering:

Completed in Corel Painter, using the acrylic brush.
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Your drawings of wolves is truly amazing. your a very talented artist.

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wow that is just STUNNING! The fur detail is amazing. I would not be able to do that. Keep up the good work!
Ohh Poor werewolf ill give you a hug if you like humans lol
like all animals the big cats are my fav.
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so amazing!
are your comisions open?
Nambroth's avatar
I'm temporarily closed, I'm sorry!
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Your artwork leaves me breathless. What a wonderful imagination you have.
One can literately can feel the sorrow that the Werewolf expresses as he gazes
upon the fern. It is so refreshing to see the Werewolf portrayed as a caring animal
and not the all too often snarling uncontrollable beast bent on wanton destruction.
Louisetheanimator's avatar
It's amazing! I love the detail. ^^ You are good at this. I wish I was this good with acrylic. T^T
Shadowkey392's avatar
Dang, this is gorgeous!
Volinfer's avatar
Magestic and well detailed :D Love it
Varmine's avatar
I bet this is an Australian werewolf XD
well probably not but ,thee burning forest certainly looks familiar
Emberons's avatar
Its so beautiful and meaningful....
Jugg4's avatar
That's so beautiful :)
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I've been going through the gallery and favorites of this person:…
Your work among many others were in her favorites. I saw her in ShareZone and wanted to explore her page.

I looked at most of the favorites of hers, including this one here.
I have to say it BAFFLES me how people can actually create such amazing pieces like this one.
They're so realistic, so perfect.
I just DO NOT understand HOW things like this are possible, between your work, and the works of other artists she favorited.

It's only a dream of mine to be able to draw/paint on the skill level that some of you people have.

I swear, y'all have to be gods or something. I've been drawing my entire life and I'm not even close...what makes me feel even more hopeless is that the majority of amazing artists on dA haven't even gone to a school.
I feel pathetic.
Nambroth's avatar
Thank you so much! You can do it. I have been making art for years, and a lot of it was bad art. I have been doing it full time for nearly 10 years now, and before that I was making art for at least 4-5 hours per day. It takes time and dedication!
AbyssalRadiance's avatar
I'm 19 and have been drawing, mostly self-training myself since I was about 3 or 4.
I constantly study and research, constantly reference things and practice, just as much as you do.
I also AM going to art school as well.

It seems my improvement rate is pretty much just non-existent, really.
I work HARDER than a lot of these people who are 13-16 and are like "I've only been drawing for about 2 years, teehee!" and yet they're professional-level.
I just am not as good :<
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i use commissions to see how other artist do it learn some of the shading tricks from a friend but i am not even close to this level yet probably never will be but i do love watching this art giving me the will to push on. and i have been to you page Arcost.... you aren't that bad XD 
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I luv werewolves
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this drawing toches my heart Heart Batty important part of life alpaca...
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Very gorgeous! I love your work! I don't want to be a know it all but the prevention of forest fires is more dangerous than letting them go (for the environment). Most locations which experience terrible fires are the result of natural recurring fires being suppressed... but that's besides the point. What you said is true and your work is awesome! :) Thank so much for sharing! 
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Wow.  This is very, very beautiful! 
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your paintings both digital and traditional are so amazing you lighting is so well done. it really makes it look like a real scene. 
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Sad because his home is burning :(

Very good work!
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