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These Velvet Skies

A "speedpaint" commission for Magistrate of her sphinx character- a black panther with bat wings. The neck is intentionally slightly elongate, per character design. :}

I hope this isn't too dark for most people's screens, I wanted to make sure I left the blacks rich and velvety. Anyone that's seen a black cat at night might understand what I mean.

Chunky oil pastels in Painter, so delicious and squishy.

Edit: 10/27/05 Uploaded a new version, I spent about 6 or 7 more hours re-detailing this one. Enjoy! :}
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I am listening to first burn right now IT IS SOOOO GOOD LISTEN ON YOUTUBE!
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Can I use this as a reference? I never post anything and I always mention my references. 
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i like the simple color pallet and you still created some depth. I think i'll watch u :)
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Oh my gosh! This is love-inducing beauty! :) So majestic and fantastical!
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Probably a beautiful piece of art, can't be sure since the watermark ruins the whole pic.
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Beautiful! I love the mood!
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This is gorgeous! In my Immortal Essence series novels, I have a creature called an irrihunter. It's very similar. Only it's the size of a large horse with a mane and tail like a horse's, but the body, face, and paws of a black panther. Love this!!!
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those wings, look so real.... oh how the moonlight hits it just right...
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omg! this so pretty! I wish my free trial with painter had not ended so soon :(
WE CAN'T ENJOY your arts because of the DA watermark! :(
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Only on my older pieces, that people were taking and re-selling. If you'd like feel free to check out my website!
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Very beautifull, only the devaintarts water mark is destracting since it so bold and not very faded. I really do like it though! I am actually researching Black panthers right now for a drawing (or a few) I have planned. Any tips or things I should remember?
Xx-TwisTed-SaniTy-xX's avatar
OMFG I absolutely love it! it's so amazingly vivid and extraordinary! The swirl of black and dark colors makes it look just stunning! I love the light source and shadowing! the usage of technique really catches my attention! Your center piece really draws me in and allows my eyes to drink all its detail! I love it! Great job! <3
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i love the wings :D i would love to pay u for using this for the cover of my book (still in wrighting....but still, if u'd be interestd, i'd use this for the cover art of my book.)
euterria (the name of a world ruled ENTIRELY by cats.)
this is one of my utmost favorites of your work. Well done :)
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My love!!!!!! *_* that picture - very popular art in Russia *____*
Nambroth's avatar
Very popular in Russia? What do you mean?
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many people know that your picture =)
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Oh! Wow! I didn't know that. :)
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waaaaaaaaaa!!!!! )))
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