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The Littlest Firebird

By Nambroth
I had a great deal of fun with this one. :)

We tend to see firebirds and phoenix as great, massive majestic birds... I wanted to paint the opposite: A small, sparrow-sized firebird. The flutter of tiny wings and a few embers floating on the air...

5" x 7" Ink and Watercolor on watercolor board.

This piece will be traveling with me to the FurtherConfusion 2009 art show.

Copyright © Jennifer Miller, All Rights Reserved.
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© 2008 - 2021 Nambroth
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This is sooo beautiful! I love it!!!!! I was wondering if you would be okay with it if I (POSSIBLY) used this as a book cover (for an e-book) for the book shown at this page:… . It is such a beautiful image, and it would look wonderful as the cover to the e-book. Again, I may not use it even if I do have your permission, due t other possible arrangements. However, I would love it if I had your permission in case there is a change with the other possibilities.

Thank you!

~Meg :D

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Hello! I do sometimes license my artwork out for things like this, such as book covers. We would need a formal contract-- please feel free to email me if you are interested!
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Okay! I'll contact you as soon as possible! Thanks! :)
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I love the promise of rising from the ashes.....
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oho amazingly cute *-*
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very nice! I love the colours you used, and your composition!!
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I love the colours!
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Beautiful! I love the concept. Very nice design!
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I can't help but be reminded of one episode of "Rupert Bear" where he finds a little firebird similar to this one.

You have a beautiful gallery, I really enjoy perusing it! Thanks for sharing your talents with dA - it's people like yourself who give this site the beautiful works it deserves.
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Oh!! I remember Rupert Bear! Gosh I loved that show. Thanks for the memory!
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You are quite welcome!!
How did I think of this, then find it?

I started writing a piece that involves a sparrow-like fire bird...Hivemind?
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Woah thats beautiful!!!
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I featured this in my journal [link] :thumbsup: .
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Oh godith thats awsome! Reminds me of the MoonBird :D
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well i think this will be my next tattoo
Actually I've been looking for a proper phoenix for years and it means worlds to me.
This piece I think looks pretty complete in itself and is pretty applicable
SO Thanx :D
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Phoenixes are no larger than a a meter and a half tall, though. But I like this, 's beautiful. :)
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I couldn't say for sure, I've never measured a phoenix. ;)
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Sizes depends on each individual's point of view, rather. :) I actually wanted to ask you to scrap that comment. ^^;
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