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Skimming Gryphon

By Nambroth
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A 'just for fun' painting of a gryphon skimming over the water's surface, causing a wake of ripples and spray! I mean, wouldn't you?? :)

Ink and watercolor on 6" x 18" cold press watercolor paper.
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Amazing Work of Art!

That's all that needs to be said my friend. :)
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this is absolutely gorgeous! *cue favorite*
Nice sense of motion!
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Is this referd 2 a bald eagle? Nice btw!
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This is amazing. 
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I like the mixture of the clearly defined and delineated gryphon and the progressively looser and rougher water, nice job!
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I love the motion here and your gryphon is beautiful! :icongryphonplz:
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it looks so amazing!
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This is just stunning. I love how the refined blends into the less refined water color techniques used. I think cold press was a good choice can make the refined more solid and tight but you still can get that looseness with the paper.
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I like the size you chose for the paper, it really adds to the overall feel. And I especially like your transition between the water and the watercolor and the extremely high level of detail on the gryphon.
Great job.
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Wow. This is just... wow!
May I use this to decorate my folder for Mythology class? I get credit for having the folder decorated, content has no effect on the grade, and I won't be making any money at all. It'll just be this picture on the outside of my folder.
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That sounds okay! :)
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THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D I am gonna have such a cool folder...
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Do you mind if I make a bookmark of this? I'll leave your copyright.
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Just a single one for yourself? Sure!
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IfI were a gryphon flying over a convinently placed body of water, yes, I would so do that XD
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Your wings are perfect! I always have trouble with the primary flight feathers.
And the way that you blot the paint after the water! Quite inspiring!
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