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March 5, 2009
Northern Spotted Owl by =Nambroth
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Northern Spotted Owl

For the new card deck: The Endangered Ark which will be released for sale in April. A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to animal conservation groups.

The Queen of Diamonds : Spotted Owl

The Northern Spotted Owl, which ranges from Northern California up into Canada, is not yet endangered, but is considered 'vulnerable'. This means that if numbers continue to decline they will become endangered. Though there is an estimated 3-5 thousand pairs left in the wild, less than 100 birds remain in the wild in Canada.

The decline of these birds is caused by a number of factors. One of which includes predation by larger Great Horned Owls, and being pushed out of their habitat by the more adaptive Barred Owl.

By far though the largest contributor to decline in these birds is the loss of appropriate habitat. They are territorial and do not take well to disturbances or fragmentation of their territory (such as logging, new roads, and human development).

A great deal of controversy surrounds this owl, which has unwittingly been sucked into the drama of the logging industry (which could stand to loose up to 168,000 jobs) vs. environmentalists that are trying to protect the owl and its natural habitat.

Painted entirely with Oil Pastels in Corel Painter. Special thanks to everyone that watched me paint this live!

Copyright © 2009 Jennifer Miller; All Rights Reserved. Use without permission is prohibited!
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do you have a live painting video of this ?

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No, I don't have live painting videos of my work. This was completed 12 years ago.

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Bards everywhere and great horned.  This is nice to see.  I might have heard one in the wood once so I'm told by my birder friends 
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This owl almost looks real! truly fantastic
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Stunning owl painting :clap:

I have a owl group I hope you will join :iconthe-owl-group:
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Excellent work!
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Great job on this one!
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 Very neat and please allow me to compliment your use of paints in particular!
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Looks awesome!
Reminds me on Legend of the Guardians
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Ooh, pretty nice!
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Great work, I love it :D
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this animal is worth more than 10+ households dependent on logging as a livelihood. Anyone scared of loosing their livelihood? then go back to school and learn a real one!
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Featured this artwork here :: shadowed-awakening.deviantart.…

Awesome job :happybounce: Hug 
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Featured this artwork here :: shadowed-awakening.deviantart.…

Awesome job :happybounce: Hug 
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