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Lett, the Osprey (Mask)


Lett the Osprey was a commission done for Swandog/Sayh! They have been incredibly patient with me, as I accepted their commission just before I won the Duck Stamp (and suddenly had a second full-time job on my shoulders). So this mask has been the better part of 8 months in the making!

Lett is Sayh's Osprey, and is made atop a modified Crystumes resin base! Finished with faux fur, acrylic, and some feathers.

Here's a quick video I took before boxing it up to go to its new home!

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This is so darn perfect, the best osprey suit by faaar <3
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HOLY CRAP this is really amazing!!! ;o;
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This is just incredibly beautiful in every single way.The realism is breathtaking.I have been a bird lover my entire life and this is hands down the best bird mask I have ever seen.
PeanutbutterCorgi's avatar looks as if you chopped the head off a real osprey!!!
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Wow!! Very beautiful!
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Fabulous mask, as always.  Each one has so much personality! 
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These look too life-like. I almost thought this was a real bird at first.
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This is truly amazing work! The video really brings out the textures in real time too. (Everywhere you turn, the eyes...)
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AHHH WOWWWHHH MY FAVORITE ANIMAL EVER!!! So wonderful to see it in mask form. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for posting this so I can look at it every day forever :) Love the little poof on his head too, absolutely beautiful. Those intense eyes are so characteristically Osprey!
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I want it. I want it badly.
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That definitely looks like a real osprey head!  Well done!  :w00t:
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Hooooly shit! thats beyond amazing :heart:
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Absolutely beautiful!
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OMG! Oo So awesome!!! :la:
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this is amazing, I must have it XD
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This is really, really cool. O.O
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I just don't get it how you do these D: Your fursuit heads are awesome!
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Oh my gosh, how beautiful!  

I'm trying to imagine how amazing a Terrorbird head would look....
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Wow!!! Absolute perfect detail! Great color and form. I can see why you won the duck stamp. Hope you can post a picture of the painting. The last time i looked into the duck stamp entry, the prize was a million dollars. All i have to say is well done!!!
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Haha, there was never a cash prize! In the 80s an artist could sell enough prints and merch to make a lot of money though. And the painting is the featured image on my main da page.
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I actually thought these were headshots of a real bird.

Amazing work. o.O
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