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Hrae's Hoarde of Creatures

A group-sponsored welcome home gift for :icondarkduskk: !

From left to right:
Siivyra (black with purple stripes, belongs to :iconraptress:)
Akrion (small lizardy type fellow)
Vhazshyn (grey)
Hrajiel (solid black)
Hraefn (black with blue markings)
Shagreth (big black dude, belongs to :iconladytr0n:)
Vesper (Lunatic blue one with a bromeliad on her head)
Xeffer (black and purple, belongs to :iconpaindrops:)

They are all characters that are played on Istaria (formerly known as Horizons).

This is um... a glorified colored sketch I guess is how I'll classify it. Done in Corel Painter.
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Oh hai. I found it! Needing to add this to my new account. <3 I miss them all! D:
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I have made three accounts for Istaria in a row because I like being a dragon so much and they wont let me play free forever. This picture makes me so happy :iconilikeitplz:
Nambroth's avatar
I'm so glad it makes you happy! I do miss Istaria.
Fun-dragoness's avatar
Me too. I wish it was COMPLETELY free so I could be a dragon :3
Rethiamat's avatar
Beautiful work there! I should do something like this sometime (with permissions of course)...
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this is a great drawing! 8D :D :dance: its fantastic! :D
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Vesper and her bromeliad make me happy.
TheGolden-Dragon's avatar
Oh this is so cute and very well done! Their expressions really seem like they do enjoy taking photos :D
AguaRush11's avatar
gosh i love this picture :)
Livvi17's avatar
Wow love it!!! =D
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
FuzzyxPanda's avatar
Wow, that looks like a dangerous group. Well done. ^^
Canvasian's avatar
Awesome :D I love the facial expressions!
Gibson4kate's avatar
These are great! When I saw this I thought of a drawing I did which is similar. Just a bunch of my dragons. Very colorful, it was a fun project
osandstorrm's avatar
...Wearing a bromeliad! That could *work*!

Lots of personality carries through in this one. That's how group portraits ought to be!
Hi,i love this so much.I have three son's my 19 year old and twin boys that are three, this pice is powerful with a little whimsicle twist kinda "hey you thinking what i'm thinking," "no but i am now" lol and enything they have pland includes driveing me to the brink of insanity,but thier so charming and ingageing a sly smile and a wink and everything is fine i'd love a print victoria
manic-goose's avatar
I wanted to let you know that I have featured your work in this journal as an example of dragon designs to inspire people to want to partake in a contest. If that is not alright with you let me know, and I hope you enjoy being featured.
Nambroth's avatar
Thank you! That's perfectly okay. :) Good luck with your contest!
manic-goose's avatar
^__^ It is actually for a friend who needs more publicity, but thanks
They are so cool and majestetic and beautiful -and what colors! :rose:
You really know how to use colors...
AshtalonSkyfire's avatar
This is awesome. I really miss the roleplay in Istaria however last time I had an account there wasn't really anyone RPing when I would log on.
EdDarkflame's avatar
My type of horde!! RAWR!!
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