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Gorbash and Carolinus

By Nambroth
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One panels from the storyboard I painted. This is for the live action version of the Flight of Dragons movie. The move will be an independent film adaptation of the 1982 animated movie by the same name.

You can learn more here: [link]
Their facebook: [link]

The actual paintings are copyright © Jennifer Miller, however I do not claim ANY ownership to the characters, names, or title "Flight of Dragons".

Corel Painter, oil pastel tools.

Special notes: It was requested by the director to slim Gorbash down somewhat. This movie will be pulling a bit more from "The Dragon and the George" from what I understand.

EDIT, June 2013: The design team decided to go with the original hat for Carolinus, the artwork has been modified to reflect this.
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Flight of Dragons is one of the deepest, most creative and interesting films I ever had the pleasure growing up on. When most people talk about their first dragons they mention Smaug, Toothless, Eragon and other such media, but for me it was this film and a soft dragon plush toy I had, (but sadly lost). I always loved mythology and dragons were among my favorite mythological creatures, along with Harpies, Sphinxes, Nagas and Phoenixes. Something solidified by my Book of Dragons,selected and illustrated by Michael Hague.
Being part of a multi-cultural family let me experience the mythologies of many ethnicities and places, Russian, Scandinavian, Greek, Egyptian, Far-East Asian and Mesopotamian. These fantasies filled my mind and filled my childhood with much play outside with my friends in make believe quests and adventures. This is, sadly, something most of today's children seem to not even comprehend, preferring their Clash of Clans and other mind-numbing eye-candy app games. I watched and still watch this film on an ancient VHS tape I have, along side many other rare treasured VHS's of great children's films that today's kids are unaware of and would find boring; Pinocchio, Big, Labyrinth etc. They were great not because they were dark or gory or some other pointlessly R-rated things that are often thrown into modern children's animations for luls and 'maturity', but because they conveyed deep, mature ideas through the flights of fantasy.

Big explores the idea of growing up and keeping the child in you alive, Pinocchio taught the idea of being good and to care for your family, and Labyrinth was a whole collection of ideas and morals on its own.

Flight of Dragons covered a unique subject however; it explored the idea of fantasy itself. Of the beauty of 'magic' (nature) and the seemingly stark contrast of it vs science. It explored the science of dragons, it tells of the healing power of music, of the power of wit over might, of the importance of keeping a level head (the sandmirks scene), the importance of friendship and the where there is and is not need for chivalry.

But most importantly it posed social questions, one only needs to remember the temple scene where Ommadon, voiced by the great James Earl Jones, describes his plan of domination over humanity,…
What is terrifying about this speech is that, having listened to his words, one grows to understand its warning, and becomes gloomy to see the prophecy come true, that he lost the battle but is winning the war. 

The film's animation is earthy, and rich, smooth and stylized and the characters unique, interesting and complex. In many modern animations you see identical skin tones, smooth skin, and other lacks of detail, especially in CGI and flat cardboard-cutout characters, even for main-characters, (an over-all exception being Pixar, which has been very detailed in its texture work and character development).  From the calm, kind and simple Carolinus to the masculine, disciplined Sir Orrin to the heinous, dark and violent Ommadon, (not forgetting of course Danielle, Giles, Aragh and Peter of course).

And finally the dragons. Gorebash, the young, eager dragon and his wise father-figure Smrgol, the violent and laconic Bryaugh (similar to Soundwave of Transformers), were all major parts of the story. It is to be noted that every dragon design was unique, that every movement of these HUNDREDS of unique dragons was hand-drawn, millimeter by millimeter with great love and care. 

It also made use of many mythological references. The flute of Lo Tae Zhao is a reference to musicla instruments in mythology used to tame beasts (which Harry Potter may have referenced in the first book, where the gang use a flute to put the Cerberus to sleep)
The silver tree of antiquity is gods burning bush that Moses found. Carolinus turning wine to milk as parody of Jesus turning water to wine at the Last Supper. Peter is a martyr character who must discard the dreaminess of nature and use hard facts and knowledge to beat Ommadon and being banished from the magic realm because of it. Sir Orrin is the chivalrous knight, hardened by battle yet with the heart to save young Gorebash. Smrgol, the patient old wise Dragon who teaches Peter, a reminder of stories where dragons took human children under their wing and taught them their ways. Giles, the clever thief, Danielle the strong yet feminine archer, and finally Ommadon the stereotype of Satan given depth and danger, a character worthy of fear and hatred.

It truly was a great film and it was among the reasons I am who I am today, and I can only marvel at how Bass, Rankin and the whole lot of them came together to make a film, not for money but for the art, for the objective, yet creative, reflection on the ultimate truths of human kind.

I however am afraid of this live action series. The art design seems sound, and no doubt would be great, however I can't help but fear that they will skew the original as has been done in almost every remake and live-action film of the past 6 years. Maleficent and Beauty and the Beast are two examples of my childhood stories retold in shallow manner, regardless of the good CGI and actors themselves.  

PS Carolinus was a Dumbledoresque wizard, before Dumbledore was ever conceived. :-P
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Alas, no need to be afraid of the remake, as this project was cancelled many years ago.
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Wow that's cool. This brings back childhood memories :)
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Oh gosh, this is gorgeous. ;o;
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Magnificent ! Stunning work ! ❤️💥
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Oh man! Gorbash and Carolinus!! I love them and this beautiful picture so much! WOW.
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Oh wow, what a blast from the past. Excellent! :)
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Love this drawing and love this movie!
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Can't wait to see how this comes about!
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oh wow. that is awesome
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you got some skills with dragons . :)
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Gorbash, Now there is a name that brings back memory's!!!!!

Love that show. Need to get it out and watch it again.

"You would not eat them really??"
"No,No... Not enough meat and they get stuck between my teeth"

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I loved that movie when I was a kid! :D :D So cool! XD
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Gorbash and Carolinas look amazing!!!
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"Flight of Dragons" fanart! My favourite cartoon ever! XD
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So beautiful!!^^
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Perhaps one of the best pics I've seen about Gorbash. And also kind of realistic. Good job.
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I watched that movie so many times when I was little I wore out the video tape. I think pulling from The Dragon and the George will be a good move, as Peter was a leeeeettle self-absorbed. *lol*
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Such an excellent movie!
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Holy shit I recognized these guys instantly.
Beautiful art, and excellent subject.
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AHHHH I knew I recognized that handsome dragon I loved this movie when I was little THANK YOU
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