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Golden eagle and Raven feather

By Nambroth
A commission for Banshea two painted feathers; I wanted to represent, per commissioner's request; "The eagle is a bird that gets associated with
the sun, life, light, and masculinity, while the raven is associated with the moon, death, darkness, and femininity."

Painted with acrylics on two wild turkey secondary feathers. The golden eagle has a golden shimmer and the raven has an irredescent blue shimmer that look very pretty in person, but the scanner didn't pick it up. There are two cubic zirconias hand set in the feather sheaths.

For those interested, in the coming months I will probably start selling my feather paintings again; I've done this for years now but was unable to do it again until recently.
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Gryffgirl's avatar
Those are really beautiful! :rose:
HelloWishbone's avatar
StarlightAngel-Wolf's avatar
so pretty I could cry
Biesokur's avatar
woow! thats amazing! xD
Inuso's avatar
Can i use these for a manip
Nambroth's avatar
Hi! Thank you for asking, but I must decline as my work is my only income source. Thanks for understanding. :)
Inuso's avatar
ok thanks i understand
kimby05's avatar
Wow!! This is amazing! i love your detail!
KitteyCat1010's avatar
this is GODLY! I absolutely ADORE the way you made this
angelwalker's avatar
Incredibly beautiful. I always have a deep respect for those who can paint on feathers, let alone show that much thought and detail.
shatteredxdreamer's avatar
first i want to say that painting on feathers is very intersting. interesting isn't really the word i'm looking for though. it's amazing. idk...i'm having trouble coming up with the word i want. in any case, it's great, awesome, cool, amazing. something along those lines.

secondly, all your feather paintings are absolutely beautiful. the detail in each of them is astounding. i've never seen anything like it. keep up the amazing work!
Okarnillart's avatar
Fantastic! <sigh> :)
JFCowboy's avatar
Amazing Detail! Really good work.
WolfArcher's avatar
This is brilliant. Might I put this on my website, linking it directly back to this entry?
Tailfeathrz's avatar
This is so unique and beautiful. I've never seen anything like it, but I love it. Very nice work.
dark-ranger-93's avatar

just... amazing, totally ^^
AidenShield's avatar
beautiful, how do you paint so well on these feathers? do you do something to them to make them more solid?
Nambroth's avatar
If you're interested, I wrote up a journal entry on this :)
Joolissa's avatar
Your feather paintings are absolutely wonderful! I love them. Do you use anything on them before or after you paint them? After seeing your work I really want to give it a try myself. It makes me want to run after the huge flock of geese outside screaming "Give me a feather!" Haha. Wonderful work!

I think this pair is my favorite of your feathers. I love the contrast between the two birds and how they go together so well. The posing is great and they're all around lovely! Splendid work!
Zera24's avatar
i luv your art
Bastetanku's avatar
Much like Yin and Yang- Yin is light, life,masculinity,fire The sun while Yang is darkness, water, death, femininity (sp?) and Death. Beautiful work ^_^
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