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Rumpelstiltskin X Reader
( hi, this is based on a dream I had of Rumpelstiltskin and myself. Iwill give away when the part from my dream shows up in the story. I would like to point out that you look like Snow White in the beginning. However you still have your own distinct features, Its just for the plot don't kill me!)
Once upon a time Baelfire had snuck out to play with some of the local children, they were currently playing hide and seek and Baelfire had hiden behind a tree far away from the others. Snickering to himself and already congratulating himself on his victory. However this was cut short when a hand grabbed his collar and lifted him high up in the air.
-” look what the cat dragged in, boys! The dark ones son!” the man triumfantly stated to the two others in his company.
-” we should be able to scrounge out some fund for this one!” sneered one of them. He sniffed Baelfires hair, ” he even smells like money!”
-”put him down!” an angry female voice scr
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Mature content
Lucifer x reader :iconnalynia:Nalynia 4 2
Jamaros Ire Gelu Arcanegrinn
Jamaros grew up in a nice family in a small village near the coast. Growing up on the family farm Jamaros always dreamed of travelling the word shearching for the awnsers to the great mystery the arcane world held. His uncle, the famous wizzard Gerard Arcanegrinn, often indulged the young boys fantasies and would teach Jamaros some of his own ice based magic.
One day tradgedy struck the village, a band of bandits attacked and killed almost every inhabitant in the village exept Jamaros and the daughter of the tavern owner Marthyra Stormcloak. Both young children survived thanks to Marytha hiding them in the taverns stable. Gerard heard of the tradgedy only hours later and travelled as fast as he could to his home village only to find it in smoking ruins, everyone dead but two children and none of them old enough to even begin to understand what their future would hold for them.
Gerard took both children with him to the city of Kragspire, famous for being built on top of a dwarven strong
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Gamzee x reader part 4
gamzee x reader part 4
long awaited and … let's not lie to ourselves you thought I would let you stay dead.
Tavros sat looking at the screen of his computer, his eyes scanned his pesterchum list and briefly chought ____'s name. It was grey and would forever stay that way after what Vriska did to her. Tavros' heart hurt when he thought of the losses over the few weeks, first Aradia, then ____ and now Gamzee. His addiction had gotten worse after ____'s death, not even Karkat could make him listen.
Sollux sat by his computer, his head in his hands. It had been a few months since the accident with Aradia and ___'s death, his fiends was slowly recovering from the heartache. He had stumbled upon something that might make everything okay again or at least take everyone's mind of the tragic events.
Nepeta carefully scanned her screen looking for Aradia, but to no avail. She let out a heavy sigh when she recalled the events of that evening. All the glorious ships she had obtained and add
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do you wanna build a snowman? homestuck
do you wanna do some shipping?
:33< AC knocks on her meowrails door*
:33< do meow wanna do some shipping?
:33< it dosen't have to be about you
:33< we nefur roleplay anymore
:33< come out your hive
:33< it's like you've gone away
:33< we used to be best meowrails
:33< and now we're not!
:33< I wish you would tell me why!
:33< do meow wanna do some shipping?
:33< it doesn't have to be about you
D--> go away nepeta!
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Mature content
Jeff x reader lemon :iconnalynia:Nalynia 29 15
first page by Nalynia first page :iconnalynia:Nalynia 2 4 hogwarts love by Nalynia hogwarts love :iconnalynia:Nalynia 1 0 Leader of frost by Nalynia Leader of frost :iconnalynia:Nalynia 0 0 Happy birthday pumkinkiller777 by Nalynia Happy birthday pumkinkiller777 :iconnalynia:Nalynia 1 10
Mature content
Gamzee x troll!reader part 3 :iconnalynia:Nalynia 22 11
gamzee x troll!reader part 2
Gamzee x troll!reader
I was currently talking to Tavros over trollian.
AdiosToreador (AT) started trolling (trollian handel) (t/h)
AT: ,,,, sO ,,,,, uHHH. tHANKS I GUESS,,,, yOU KNOW,,,,,fOR VRISKA,,,,
t/h: no, problem tav
(t/h): she dosen't HATE hate you, she is just confused
(t/h): as Terezi would say I:
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Mature content
Gamzee x troll!reader part 1 :iconnalynia:Nalynia 22 0
Mature content
Pewdiepie x reader lemon :iconnalynia:Nalynia 193 189
Canada x reader
Canada x reader
my hero
( this is meant for nolifeonlyart as a x-mas present, i'm sorry its bad)
i was walking down the buissy street of manhattan carrying a bunch of inportant papers, somone bumped into me and knocked the papers out of my hands. In slow motion i saw them fall down heading for a water puddle, a hand came into view and snagged them up before they reached the puddle. My hands flew to my mouth as my eyes saw the owner of the hand.
He had blond short hair, big blue eyes and a hockey t-shirt.
-” are these yours?” he asked in a polite and quiet voice.
-” yes! Thank you!”
he gave me the papers.
-” i'm Matthew.” he said, i smiled.
-” i'm _____.” he smiled back at me. ” hang on i have to give you something for acting like my knight in shining armour!”
-” oh, there is really no need for that!” Matthew bluched.
-” nonsense!” i picked out a pen, scribbled my number on a spare paper, tore it off and
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demyx x reader
Demyx x reader
just another love song
this is written as an x-mas gift to pumkinkiller777, but happy what ever you celebrate to the rest of you!
I was walking down one of the many hallways in the castle that never was as i hear a very familliar noice, it was my partner Demyx. Well, not partner partner just working partners, i had a small crush on him but he didn't seem so interested in me so i just tried to let it go and move on. Exept i couldn't!
I loved how his fingers gently stroked the strings of his guittar, how he was a coward and most of all i loved his smile. He had that dreamy smile that brightend up the whole room! Oh, how bad i wanted him to show me some kind of feeling, anything at all!
I snuck closer to the noice, i know it's not polite to evesdrop but i had no choice! I want to hear what he is playing!!! I stood close to his door, inches away but close enough to hear every word crystal clear.
-” i probably shouldn't say this but at times i get so scared,
when i thin
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Halo and Starbolt by DVixie Halo and Starbolt :icondvixie:DVixie 2,581 110
Hyrule Warriors X-Reader: Ganondorf
    You suspected once, long ago, that being captured would be the worst thing to ever happen to you. You suspected that day that it was the only way to make your day worse.
    The war had supposedly come to a close not long ago, this you knew. This however, didn’t change the fact that said war had left your family’s business all but bankrupt. Your family ran a small general goods store in Hyrule, and when the war came getting supplies for your store became significantly harder. Food was rationed, some of your supplies were re-routed in a surplus to the effort, and you’d be damned by the goddess if you, and just about every other merchant in down was on a waiting list to be paid.
    Despite all that had happened- and believe you in me there was a lot- you knew that, somehow, it could have always been worse. Much worse.
    Your family lost a great deal of employees, and the warehouse you normally bought wholesale from was in t
:iconmajorfreakingcupcake:Majorfreakingcupcake 103 33
Sherlock by Ailiaine-ai Sherlock :iconailiaine-ai:Ailiaine-ai 243 12 Snowy couple by sakimichan Snowy couple :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 34,228 1,231 I Was Born To Love You by daekazu I Was Born To Love You :icondaekazu:daekazu 6,184 454 Drone Of Plague by Kakity Drone Of Plague :iconkakity:Kakity 165 39 Valve: Ooh Mr. Valve Hero by weallscream4icecream Valve: Ooh Mr. Valve Hero :iconweallscream4icecream:weallscream4icecream 599 73 Scalemate by crochetalamode Scalemate :iconcrochetalamode:crochetalamode 9 5 Tutorial: Try with Fay by Fayolka Tutorial: Try with Fay :iconfayolka:Fayolka 4,311 317
Mature content
BanexReader - Ready :iconladylaumes:LadyLaumes 68 47
Family Photo by HalianFromPlanetZork Family Photo :iconhalianfromplanetzork:HalianFromPlanetZork 914 396 Bleach iphone retina wallpaper by Kyuubii9 Bleach iphone retina wallpaper :iconkyuubii9:Kyuubii9 225 34
Growing Pains
Growing Pains
Summary:  Sometimes growing up is harder on parents than it is on children.  Zaraki Kenpachi is about to find this out the hard way.
“Hey Ken-chan.”
“What is it Brat?”
Most evenings seemed to go like this.  Kenpachi would sign the papers that Ikkaku and Yumichika could not because of their rank, and Yachiru would sit waiting for him to finish.
When they had first started this routine, Yachiru would eat a snack and impatiently tug at the violent man’s sleeve.  Years later, she went through an ‘art phase’ where she would sit and colour pictures (usually with lots of red since she usually drew herself and Ken-chan beating up Hollows) while eating and asking if he was done every few minutes.  A few decades later she would bring her school books so she could do work, just like Ken-chan.  But as school work suddenly became tedious, Kenpachi noticed her bringing a different sort of rea
:iconsen-graham-mcgrath:Sen-Graham-McGrath 33 20
SnapexStudent!Reader - It Starts
ATTENTION: This story is best viewed in a word processing document with the following items replaced with the corresponding words.
After copying and pasting the document into an editable file, use the find and replace tool in these ways:
l/n - Reader's last name.
r/n - Reader's name. Use a nickname or what you would like to be called throughout the story.
r/i/n - Reader's name in italics. Exactly what it sounds like. Ex: Katie.
Or if you really want to have fun with it, go ahead and treat it like madlibs, using the find tool and manually replacing them.
Enjoy ;3
His head bends down to reach my lips, but he lingers, hot breath warming my face from the chill of the night air. Yeah, I bet he would tease. If he ever got the chance...if he were ever even attracted to me. I glance up at the Professor, who takes no notice of my wandering gaze. Of course not. Although, I am supposed to be doing my homework, so I suppose that he's assuming I'm ju
:iconladylaumes:LadyLaumes 399 212



Artist | Student | Varied
my last promise went out the window... fast and hard....
but my boyfirend did atleast one good thing: he made me watch fullmetal alchemist and I LOVED IT!!!
i am thinking of making a alex armstrong fanfic because i just fell in love with him <3
so manly he became gay <<<<<333333
but only if you guys want to of course :)
and i also want to write a general iroh x reader (from legend of korra) called "letters of love"
let me know if this sound interesting


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