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Ugh... how has it been a year...

Here's how this year is shaping up!

Anime North - Less than two weeks away, eep! In the dealers room again with Jack and Pookie Publishing! Should be at V-16 as usual, unless something has changed. ^.^ (And due to rule changes, yeah, be mostly just selling my craft things. Not that I sell a lotta prints and stuff these days anyways, so wasn't a big loss. lol)

Otakuthon - Ugh... well I was on the waiting list... but something came up after I applied that wouldn't get resolved until end of May, so I was sorta... praying my spot wouldn't come up until then... NOPE. No such luck. I got mail yesterday and had to turn it down. T_T Asked if I could take the penalty of being moved to the end of the list (not sure if it happened) and yeah, still on the firesale list.  ...We'll see I guess.

And... that's it so far. If can get into the Holiday Edition of the Ottawa Comic Con going to try to this year since had to miss last one.

SO yeah. Uhhh... I'm mostly on Tumblr these days, so if anyone wants to see my newer art, that's where to look. One day I'll get around to uploading more things (though it's mostly Thunderbirds Are Go! art,) but today is not that day. lol
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...Apparently, I entirely missed 2016. |Da

Hello there, everyone! I am, in fact, alive. More or less. Afraid still not running many conventions this year, but here's what's on the plate if anyone is interested!

Anime North! May 26-28th - I'll be in the Dealers Hall, at the Jack and Pookie Booth (V8) I'll have all my art and jewelry and what-not. :)

Otakuthon - Sadly, currently sitting on the waiting list and the fire sale list. Waiting to see what happens there.

Comic Con Xmas Sale - Assuming they do it again this year, in lieu of the dead Pop Expo. Will definitely be there if it comes up!

And that's what I'm looking at so far this year, at the moment. ^__^

Meanwhile, I have some new art to upload--I might have sorta gotten into a new fandom the past two years. (And by might have, sort have, I mean... I'm like, WAY in. So in. So, very very far in.)

Oh! Commissions! I am currently taking some if somehow anyone might be interested. Just a simple post right now, until I can update my full one after Anime North.

And, lastly, welcome to all my new watchers and many thanks for all the likes I've been seeing the past, uh, years. |D They're much appreciated. :)
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It's that time of year again! Conventions! Although this year, thus far, I only have two on my plate. ^.^;

Anime North! May 22nd to the 24th - I SHOULD be in the Crafter's Corner, but things are a lil' up in the air since my cheque still hasn't been cashed and I haven't been able to get a response outta the CC head yet if everything is okay or not. lol If things don't work out, my back has kindly been covered. Me and my stuff will be there, no matter what. XD

Otakuthon! August 7th to the 9th - CONVENTION FOR MY BIRTHDAY. \o/ Was a bit worried I hadn't scored a table, but I was a dumb and worried for nothing. I'm super looking forward to this one. ^__^

And... that's it right now.

Rather doubting PopExpo will be back this year... Naru's definitely dead and done... My convention options are dwindling. lol Gotta start looking into some of the other cons popping up. My eye is on G-Anime since seems they're going to have a Summer Edition? No table registration info is up... so gonna keep eye on it. I haven't been able to return to the convention since the first edition... table registrations always came up when I really couldn't consider it or just plain missed it. So we'll see, I guess.
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Geez, the year sure flew. I swear they're getting faster. :|

Otakuthon came and went... it went pretty well! Pop Expo also came and went... it went pretty poorly. I think if they decide to continue the con, it really needs to be moved a lil' earlier in November or maybe into an October slot. The attendance seemed lower than last time, somehow, despite advertising EVERYWHERE. I wasn't expecting Comic con level of attendance, but 38,000 vs 7000... it's a bit baffling. (Other than apparently there was a LOT of Santa Claus parades that weekend. lol) Ah well. Bummer. See how things are next year.

As I always do, having a lil' Christmas sale. If anyone's interested, you can see what's available here:…

In next day or two, I'm going to start moving some things to my Etsy. ( But not everything/prices may vary, so yeah. lol Might wanna get in touch with me before hand if there's anything someone out there would like. :3

Annnnnd... yeah. That's it for now. ^.^/
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I donno if many read this anyways, but I guess I should update. XD

So Anime North! It came and went oh so quickly. Was my first year in the Dealer's room (I was there with Jack and Pookie Publishing, who I make Pooklets for), which was rather different. We were kinda in a back corner, so I felt a bit like I didn't see all the faces I'm used to seeing when I'm there, but it happens. :) Looking forward to the future

Next convention I'll be at is Otakuthon! \o/ ...providing accommodations work out, anyways. That part is a bit up in the air right now. ^.^; Hopefully will work it all out. lol

Then... I'm not entirely sure. If the Pop Expo returns I'd like to get a table there, but haven't seen any info for this year yet. Looking like Naru2U has finally kicked the bucket, if the rumours that it's done are true, so that's that, I suppose. (Poor Naru2U just could never seem to quite get it's act enough together. From poor organization and promotion and a horribly designed website over and over again... Such a shame.) Ganime has very few tables and is always looong sold out by the time I have a chance to think about it, so I'm not entire sure what I'm going to fill it's hole with. Lot of other cons are even further afield... :/a

Annnd I'm FINALLY starting to get stuff up on my Etsy other than ponies, though having a hard time deciding what's worth putting up there. There's a lot of the kind of things I make up there, so it's a big debate. lol Got two necklaces so far... prolly have few more things shortly.

And... yeah. That's about all that's exciting and new. lol
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