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I live!

Uploaded few bits and pieces I had sitting around. I've been crafting more than drawing lately, but need to try to get a few drawing things done in the coming months, now that I've finally had a bunch of health things, that decided to crop up ALL at the same time, taken cared of. I'm registered for Naru2U and will have a table. /o/ I'm looking forward to it a lot.

Meanwhile, about to try and get my website setup again, FINALLY. And also am considering giving Etsy a try. I keep being asked if I'm on there and such, lol. There's just so MUCH chainmail and the like up there. I worry I'll just be lost in the crowd... Humhum.

OH! I knew I was forgetting something... Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday! It was very much appreciated. :)


Commission Rates:

All Estimates are based on a 1 character picture with a no or a very simple background on a 8.5X11 or 9X12 size.

Sketch - $15
Shaded Drawing - $20+
Inked Sketch - $20
Inked and Digitally coloured - $30+
Inked and Traditionally coloured (Markers, coloured pencils etc.) - $40+
Digital and Traditional painting type stuff - $50+
Avatar/Icon Head Portrait - $8

These are just rough guidelines. More characters and heavier detail (especially in the background) would cost more. But I'm really too nice and very flexible (you tend to be when you're poor ;D), ask nicely and you might receive. ^.^

I also take chainmail commissions! How much depends on material/size/ring size etc. Contact me for further information. :Db
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Submitted on
August 25, 2010