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WELL! Anime North was a thing that happened. Didn't go too badly, though preparations were foiled the week before cause I came down with the nasty cold that had been going around. That wasn't fun.

Now trying to prepare for Otakuthon. Probably only going to bring few plushies this year, since they didn't go down as good at Otakuthon as they did at AN last year. Trying to get back to actually making and finishing some art. Lol Have few pieces in the works, that will soon be up. ^.^

Meanwhile, FINALLY got my Etsy going! Only has two ponies up right now (Rainbow Dash and a Filly Fluttershy), but more will be there shortly! (A Pinkie, filly Rarity and prolly few more.) Kanzashi and other such things will probably be added soon enough. (Since I kinda have a copy of Disgaea D2 to pre-order... Cause OMG Disgaea D2!!! *O* )

Link to my Etsy!

The past year I also started creating Pooklets for Jack and Pookie Publishing. The Pooks at Anime North (And the last Naru2U actually) and those going forward will all be created by me. They'll be available at the upcoming Con Bravo at the Jack and Pookie dealers table and will be at both their and my tables at Otakuthon. There's a lot of ideas and plans being spoke of, so that'll be something I'll likely speak of in the future. ^_^

And... I think that's about it for now. ^_^/
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japookins Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
sounds epic!
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July 10, 2013