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Hello followers! ^_^/

My goodness... HOW IS IT ALREADY DECEMBER? X_x I have no idea. Time has just flown this year.

Few weeks ago I was at Naru2U! Did reasonably well despite arguably having the worst placed table in the Artist Alley. It might've been okay if they'd had more tables up the stair landing at the back like they'd originally planned... but they all got moved down to the main foyer... leaving me and one other girl alone up there. It... really sucked. BUT I still did better than the past two years, so I guess that's something.

As always this year, I'm having a little Christmas sale. :D This might be the last time I do this, as in January I'm going to be getting my Etsy going and stuff. ^_^ I'm hosting the sale on my journal as I have done in the past (though now on Dreamwidth instead of Livejournal lol cause LJ has gone failtastic. =A=; ) Anyone who's interested can find it here:  supreme-overlord.dreamwidth.or…

Got few more things to add to it, but enough there to share it, I figure. Also.. yes, I do have a few finished Ponies to sell. >.> <.<

Speaking of Ponies, thank you to everyone who has contacted me about them! I AM considering opening commissions soon, just not as soon as I was hoping! I think it will be in January, as from 17th of December to 11th of January I'm going to be gone on a trip! Gone where, you ask? England actually! Going to go see all my family over there and stuff, like my Grandmother. This might be last chance I have to see her, so it's a really important trip. I don't think I can really carry pony making supplies over the ocean with me. XD;

BUt yes! I DO have a few for sale (see above) for any that might be interested in any of those.

Annnd, I think that's it. If I don't post again in the next few weeks, I hope everyone has a wonder holiday season! :)
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December 1, 2012