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Geez, the year sure flew. I swear they're getting faster. :|

Otakuthon came and went... it went pretty well! Pop Expo also came and went... it went pretty poorly. I think if they decide to continue the con, it really needs to be moved a lil' earlier in November or maybe into an October slot. The attendance seemed lower than last time, somehow, despite advertising EVERYWHERE. I wasn't expecting Comic con level of attendance, but 38,000 vs 7000... it's a bit baffling. (Other than apparently there was a LOT of Santa Claus parades that weekend. lol) Ah well. Bummer. See how things are next year.

As I always do, having a lil' Christmas sale. If anyone's interested, you can see what's available here:…

In next day or two, I'm going to start moving some things to my Etsy. ( But not everything/prices may vary, so yeah. lol Might wanna get in touch with me before hand if there's anything someone out there would like. :3

Annnnnd... yeah. That's it for now. ^.^/
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