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By nalina
Ugh... how has it been a year...

Here's how this year is shaping up!

Anime North - Less than two weeks away, eep! In the dealers room again with Jack and Pookie Publishing! Should be at V-16 as usual, unless something has changed. ^.^ (And due to rule changes, yeah, be mostly just selling my craft things. Not that I sell a lotta prints and stuff these days anyways, so wasn't a big loss. lol)

Otakuthon - Ugh... well I was on the waiting list... but something came up after I applied that wouldn't get resolved until end of May, so I was sorta... praying my spot wouldn't come up until then... NOPE. No such luck. I got mail yesterday and had to turn it down. T_T Asked if I could take the penalty of being moved to the end of the list (not sure if it happened) and yeah, still on the firesale list.  ...We'll see I guess.

And... that's it so far. If can get into the Holiday Edition of the Ottawa Comic Con going to try to this year since had to miss last one.

SO yeah. Uhhh... I'm mostly on Tumblr these days, so if anyone wants to see my newer art, that's where to look. One day I'll get around to uploading more things (though it's mostly Thunderbirds Are Go! art,) but today is not that day. lol
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*quietly* And here, we see the annual post of the reclusive Nalina. She sticks her head out once a year and posts, then slinks back into the internet tubes, not to be seen for another year....