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...Apparently, I entirely missed 2016. |Da

Hello there, everyone! I am, in fact, alive. More or less. Afraid still not running many conventions this year, but here's what's on the plate if anyone is interested!

Anime North! May 26-28th - I'll be in the Dealers Hall, at the Jack and Pookie Booth (V8) I'll have all my art and jewelry and what-not. :)

Otakuthon - Sadly, currently sitting on the waiting list and the fire sale list. Waiting to see what happens there.

Comic Con Xmas Sale - Assuming they do it again this year, in lieu of the dead Pop Expo. Will definitely be there if it comes up!

And that's what I'm looking at so far this year, at the moment. ^__^

Meanwhile, I have some new art to upload--I might have sorta gotten into a new fandom the past two years. (And by might have, sort have, I mean... I'm like, WAY in. So in. So, very very far in.)

Oh! Commissions! I am currently taking some if somehow anyone might be interested. Just a simple post right now, until I can update my full one after Anime North.

And, lastly, welcome to all my new watchers and many thanks for all the likes I've been seeing the past, uh, years. |D They're much appreciated. :)
alswaiter Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Professional General Artist
You're alive!
nalina Featured By Owner May 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahaa Yeaaah! More or less. XD
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