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By nalina
It's that time of year again! Conventions! Although this year, thus far, I only have two on my plate. ^.^;

Anime North! May 22nd to the 24th - I SHOULD be in the Crafter's Corner, but things are a lil' up in the air since my cheque still hasn't been cashed and I haven't been able to get a response outta the CC head yet if everything is okay or not. lol If things don't work out, my back has kindly been covered. Me and my stuff will be there, no matter what. XD

Otakuthon! August 7th to the 9th - CONVENTION FOR MY BIRTHDAY. \o/ Was a bit worried I hadn't scored a table, but I was a dumb and worried for nothing. I'm super looking forward to this one. ^__^

And... that's it right now.

Rather doubting PopExpo will be back this year... Naru's definitely dead and done... My convention options are dwindling. lol Gotta start looking into some of the other cons popping up. My eye is on G-Anime since seems they're going to have a Summer Edition? No table registration info is up... so gonna keep eye on it. I haven't been able to return to the convention since the first edition... table registrations always came up when I really couldn't consider it or just plain missed it. So we'll see, I guess.
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I so so wish OCC wasn't practically breathing down AN's neck. lol It keeps being just a bit too close to AN for me to feel like I can do both, but I think I'm starting to really miss out. lol :)

Maybe next year if I have more art, since that's a lot easier to stock than crafts... |Da
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I saw a flyer about G-Anime yesterday and I think it said July something.
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Yeah, July 18th-19th, apparently. They're doing pre-reg already, but nothing about tables. lol Which is surprising for them. We'll see.... lol