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Applebloom Plushie

By nalina
Still alive. Ish. Still making some plushies. ^^ She came out so cute, just wish hadn't had some faint yellow spots appear on one of her eyes. I only noticed today in the daylight when I was photographing her. =_=; One day I'll have money for an embroidery machine, sigh. |D If anyone is interested in her despite, she'll be on my… some point tomorrow, unless someone wants to contact me about her before then or something. lol

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Very sweet. The big Head is awesome! I know it also the perspective, but it seems a bit bigger than the most Ponies.
You can also do the eyes other ways, when you don´t want use the foil. Like applicate small fabric Pieces or making the embroidery with Hand or with sewing-machine. I for myself do the last.
Your Plushies looks really great, so "better quality" Eyes and CM  should attract a lot of People.
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I always wonder if it's a little too big, then I look back at the art and ... no, no it really isn't too big at all. lol

It's not foil, but black t-shirt iron ons. They're actually really nice, and I do like the crisp lines. And once ironed on they're water proof! So... yeah I think the spots got on some point in between being cut and ironed. Oops. I have pondered trying applique , but it's very time consuming, and hand embroidery is even worse. I can doing it, but it takes me a long time cause I'm a perfectionist when comes to that kinda thing. lol It's why I'd like a embroidery machine... but that costs money I don't have right now. :( ONE DAY. One day.
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She looks so cute!  =D
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