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Published: August 29, 2009
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I was inspired by the Silent Night itunes skin.There is two versions,light and dark.
Metacity and Openbox theme included.
Wall [link]
I hope you like it.

Added emerald and xfwm4 theme.
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BojanPapicHobbyist General Artist
Cestitam na DD, ovaj rad je predstavljen u blogu: [link] grupe:
Svaka cast! ;)
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The best dark theme ever...:) I have been using this theme for over an year. Could you please make a GTK3 version of this theme since i m planning to shift to gnome 3 and i dont want to use any other theme..
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calgarcProfessional Artist
this is the way linux should be
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TacThginEhtHobbyist General Artist
Can u give XP the same theme? Coz' this is so nice!
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I like the over all look of it. Does it come with set icons for the Documents / Photos / Videos ? Most of the themes I've looked at don't default with that so I'm either stuck with trying to create my own (which I don't know how) or using ones that aren't appealing with the actual theme.

Because seriously? Do you read what folder you're opening if you're in your Home Directory or just look at the picture? ^_^'

I think this would be fun to install and use for when my windows friends come over and I have the buttons out of order and on the left side ><; They'll be so lost and won't be able to close what they are doing when I walk in on them. (they've caused some problems on my WinXP computer a few times from their browsing habits)
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half-leftHobbyist Interface Designer
Congrats on the DD dude. Well done.
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half-leftHobbyist Interface Designer
I'm not a dark theme lover but this is great.
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I'd try it and really like it. Nice job and thx for sharing.
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This is by far the best dark theme i've used . I prefer it over the version 2 of slent night ;)
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Just throwing in my two cents ... though you probably only want a penny if that for my thoughts.

You do have the prereqs for the SNv2 right? I've run into a graphical problem because I didn't have the missing content that isn't in the directory by default. =P

But yeah this one is pretty cool looking ><; I'm waiting to get a response on the icons it uses for home directory (docs, photos, videos, music... crap like that) before I bother to install it
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Ixels Interface Designer
hmm, i got problemento, when I choose Silent Night-Dark at Appearance Preference, it said 'This theme will not look as intended because the require GTK + theme 'Silent Night-dark' is not installed'. And also when I choose Silent Night-Light at Appearance Preference, it said 'This theme will not look as intended because required icon theme 'Smokikon_v09' is not installed.'

Any idea?
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Nothing specially,you just need to install suggested icon theme if you want.You can find it on gnome-look.org.
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omg, this one´s fantastic

why i haven´t seen it before? :(
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I almost at the end of the second edition.I will upload it soon.I meant on light version.Dark version I already uploaded.
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yeah i saw your dark version, too
i like it, but this one is a little bit better in my opinion :)

again, great job, man!
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really nice... i'm using it right now, but is there any way to chance the blue-purple color of the window manager?? for a full match with my other fonts colors, thanks
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No,sorry man,I finished with this theme.
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orion-pixels Digital Artist
Just 3 things to say :

- This is a gorgeous theme !!!
- there is a very bad bug when you use he gimp (rules are unusable)
- It's good only for compiz users (I can't use compiz, so... menus look really flat, with compiz it's ok but without, argh!)

Please, don't stop it ! This is really awesome ! :)
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No need to use compiz,metacity also have composite effects,you must turn it on.Go applications-system tools-configuration editor-apps-metacity-general and check compositing_manager.Gimp bug I fixed and i will upload fixed version soon as possible(though it is not theme bug,its gtk bug).
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orion-pixels Digital Artist
Oh ok... my graphic card does not allow compositing with dual monitor (this is a 9800 GX2, using 2 GPUs, one screen per GPU) and it does not allow Compiz in dual monitor neither.

I think I'll change this fucking stupid card for less powerful...
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