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Futura 1.1.0

Package contains gtk3,gtk2,metacity,unity,xfwm4,openbox and emerald theme.
There is two versions of themes,red and blue.
To install themes, extract archive and copy folder Futura to /usr/share/themes.

Requirements for gtk3 theme is gnome-themes-standard.
Requirements for gtk2 theme is gtk-engines and gtk-engine-murrine.

28.02.2013. - added blue version
© 2013 - 2021 nale12
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Any updates to GTK 3.x version of this theme?
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Please update to GNOME 3.12

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Just saw your Simplex themes (they are a bit too dark for my taste, it makes poorer contrast with the text than this one) and I love the scrollbar from them. Futura with that scrollbar would be perfect, I believe.
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any chance you would consider adding an orange theme? one that would match Numix's orange. I really like your theme and would love to be able to use it with my cinnamon theme.
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how to install it on mint 15 mate? thnx. :)
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Put futura folder in /usr/share/themes,and you need pixbuf gtk2 engine.
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I'm loving this theme and wouyd like to use it with ubuntu 13.10 (unity). Unfortunately, I can't find what I should mofify in order to get rid og the only small glitch I find in it : the light background in the menus..

Any idea / hint ?
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.menu .menuitem {
   background-color: what ever color you want;
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Great ! Thanx for this quick answer ! :)
What are the full dependencies for Debian?
Theme is not working on Debian wit Murrine and gtk engines installed.
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You need unico engine yet.
I have gtk3-engines-unico (1.0.2-1) installed.
Doesn't work.
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Do you have gnome-themes-standard installed?
I have:

gnome-themes-standard (3.4.2-2.1).
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Maybe for Debian package gtk-engines doesn't contains pixbuf engine. Can you check is there pixbuf engine in repos? 
That was it. Needed gtk2-engines-pixbuf.
Thanks!! Excellent theme.
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its very beautiful , Scroll is Great. THANKS! I don't know about Desktop Gadgets on Linux , I'm a new Ubuntu user please say me about how to add something like that on my desktop ? (where download program , how to install , where's that them , how to apply that ?)sorry THANK U VERY MUCH
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Looks sleek! Nice Work!
great Work!!!
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Awesome :)
:heart: that champ
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Amazing theme! If it's possible, I would love a blue version of it:)
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I was planning to add a blue version.
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