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Package contains 3 version of gtk3,gtk2,metacity,unity,xfwm4 and openbox theme.
To install themes, extract archive to /usr/share/themes. Gtk3 theme is for 3.10 version.

Requirements for gtk3 theme is only gnome-themes-standard package.
Requirements for gtk2 theme is murrine and pixbuf engines.

Gtk3 theme has customizable color.You can setup any color you want,just open file settings.ini and change value of 'selected_bg_color'.
IMPORTANT: Theme must be in /usr/share/themes in order to work color customization.

Icon pack used in screenshot is Flattr.

© 2014 - 2020 nale12
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Oooh how did you get your taskbar like that?
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For now this is my new favorite theme for GTK (previously it was SimpleX :-)). Great work.


I would like to ask for two things.

1. In Libre Office on GTK2 highlighted menu item have wrong font color (black instead of white) - how can I fix this?

2. How can I change separator to make it opposite to space?
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If you don't see the status of checkboxes sometimes, that is because the theme does not support GTK 3.14.
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I must commend you on this theme, styling in Linux has always bothered me and I have never found a theme I've liked until this one. Its beautifully designed and I can't say enough about it. I really hope you support it for GTK 3.12+ updates.

The only other thing I'd like to see is the proper theming for Chrome's menu's now that they use Aura. Since they switched it broke everything.

Thanks for the amazing theme!
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nale12, you write that gtk3 colour(s) can be customised through settings.ini.
But there is always a mix of GTK2 and GTK3 programs.
Wouldn't I end up with different colours in GTK2 and GTK3 programs (and Unity on Ubuntu) ?
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Great work! I have a question: any idea why icons in gimp are all squished together like this:
What setting controls it and how can I fix it? there's much more space/padding between icons in any other theme and I prefer it that way :)
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Well, I'll answer my own question, shall I :) It's something in this theme's gtk2 that doesn't work properly. Not sure what though, I changed the whole thing. Who knew Gimp still used gtk2...
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akyagProfessional Artist
This is just magnificent. Thank you :)
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How did you the folder icons like that? Is that flattr?
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Yes, it is flattr.
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WOW! Really amazing work, bug thumb up! :)

And can I ask what wallpaper is in picture? Thanks :)
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Thanks a lot :)
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Any chance you'll create a version of this GTK theme that supports client side window decorations? Currently app using client side window decorations are completely without decoration which means they have no edges/borders. That would be awesome because I really love this theme but that issue is a dealbreaker with regards to usability.
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Just replaced Siva Flat as my favorite GTK theme! Keep up the splendid work.
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several progress bars (in "show details by file" in the update manager, for example, or progress bars under deluge, bittorrent client), the bars are empty whatever the percentage of loading.

I'm using Linux Mint 14 (Nadia I think) with cinnamon 1.8 and GTK + 3.6 or 3.8 it seems to me ..

Otherwise thank you for your SUPER themes so "flat" design :)
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Yep,these apps don't use default progressbar widget,but list headers in normal and prelight state (developers grrrr). 
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Thank for your reply ...

lol, I'm a developer :), but not under Linux ;).... Can i Edit your widget css to fix it ?? or other ??
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Problem is in gtk2 theme. Go to gtk-2.0/ListHeaders folder,and edit list_header-prelight.png image in gimp.
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Great, thank a lot ;), I had not used Gimp for a long time, it will be good :)
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Loving the clean look, mate. :)
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beautifull work!! looks great in my gnome 3!!! thanks!
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