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Package contains 8 versions of gtk3,gtk2,metacity,unity,xfwm4 and openbox theme.
To install themes, extract archive to /usr/share/themes. Gtk3 theme is for 3.10 version.

Requirements for gtk3 theme is only gnome-themes-standard package.
Requirements for gtk2 theme is murrine and pixbuf engines.

Gtk3 theme has customizable color.You can setup any color you want,just open file settings.ini and change value of 'selected_bg_color'.
IMPORTANT: Theme must be in /usr/share/themes in order to work color customization.

If you use mostly gtk applications you can use Flattastic themes. If you use a lot qt application it is recommended to use Flatastic-Light themes,because Flatastic theme has text color problems with qt applications. It is unsolvable. If you have some problems with Flatastic themes and gtk apps just send a bug report here,and I will try to fix it(do not send for qt apps).

Wallpaper used in screenshot:

Theme is inspired by beautiful work of vladedimovski

Conky designed for this theme:


07.01.2014.  * Fixed problems with MATE panel and added marco theme.
                  * Fixed bug with combo menu in Flattastic gtk3 themes.

13.01.2014.  * Increased font-background contrast.
                  * Fixed many bugs in gtk2 themes.

11.03.2014.  * Fixed bug with treeview
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If anyone has experience with CSS, they should upgrade the GTK3 theme to work with 3.20
I have a bug in xfce terminal, it doesn't show tabs and the menus are too close together,

I'm using Flattastic Blue Light in ArchLinux with xfce
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It's not working properly with 3.14+
Hey, really nice theme.
The colors scheme is so sober and FLAT! yeah
But I think that there are some bug. I am using it on XFCE4 and Debian. The label for unchecked checkbox is visible while that of checked one is not. Here there is no background color for a text input field.
Can you please Help me with this.
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Hey I installed it but the windows won't change. Neither do minimize, close and maximize buttons. I have tweaks in elementary OS freya.

Thanks for any help :)
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God, I love the green one! Nice work!!!
I've made a style for the Firefox extension Stylish that unifies its appearance with other programs when using this theme.…
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Can you upgrade it to support gtk 3.18?
Hi ,

I have a problem with the active notebook tab of Control

Please take at look.


how can I fix?.
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This is amazing! well done :) (Smile) 
I have added theme to Ubuntu 14.04. I get all the dark window decorations. Has that been changed? Even if i select flattastic light?

I'm using Linux Mint 17.2, and no matter which Window Borders I select, Flattastic-Blue is set. This problem was present in 17.1 too
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I can't set metacity theme on Gnome Tweak Tool (Gnome Shell 3.12), it's not on the list. What can I do?
Any fix for people running chromium and having issues with the white on white menus…

Flattastic-Fedora. May need some polish.
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How can we contribute to this theme? I have added transparent background for Unity Launcher Icons making it more flat and minimalist
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can you share your mods with me?
Is it just me, or is the title bar on epiphany off-center?
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For anyone having the Chrome issue where the menu items (both bookmark bar and right-click menu items) are showing up white upon mouse hover, here is the fix (and if the author would be so kind as to update his themes and make sure they get into the ubuntu upstream for the ppa, that would be wonderful):

1) user@host:~$ sudo gedit /usr/share/themes/Flattastic-<theme here>/gtk-2.0/styles/menu-menubar

2) At the very bottom, add the following code:

    style "chrome_menu_item"
           bg[SELECTED] = @selected_bg_color

    widget_class "*<GtkCustomMenu>*<GtkCustomMenuItem>*" style "chrome_menu_item"

3) Save the file

4) user@host:~$ killall chrome

5) Restart Chrome and it should be fixed.
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