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Package contains 8 versions of gtk3,gtk2,gnome-shell and cinnamon theme,there is also metacity,unity,xfwm4,openbox and emerald theme.
To install themes, extract archive and copy folder Boje to /usr/share/themes.

Requirements for gtk3 theme is only gnome-themes-standard package.
Requirements for gtk2 theme is gtk-engines and gtk-engine-murrine.

Gtk3 theme has customizable color.You can setup any color you want,just open file Boje/gtk-3.0/settings.ini and change value of 'selected_bg_color'.
IMPORTANT: Theme must be in /usr/share/themes in order to work color customization.


-15.12.2012. - some minor visual improvements and a few bug fixed on gtk2 and gtk3 themes
-16.12.2012. - removed ugly thick menu line from qt apps and some minor tweaks of gtk3 theme
-19.12.2012. - added gnome-shell theme,and small improvement of gtk2 theme
-20.12.2012. - added six more versions of gtk3,gtk2 and gnome-shell theme
-25.12.2012. - added greyscale version
-30.12.2012. - fixed bugs with linked buttons
-02.01.2013. - added cinnamon themes
-04.01.2013. - fixed panel(some improvements on all versions, and bugs with greyscale version)
- 22.01.2013. - bugfix release
- 16.02.2013. - fixed notification bug in cinnamon themes
© 2012 - 2021 nale12
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broken on debian 10 cinnamon. nothing displays as your screenshot.

would you update?

looks very nice! definitely dropping this on my debian install.

very clean and minimalistic.

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Nice... Thanks... I am always trying to find nice black colors for my *nixes... Seems people like to get blinded while they work. These are great!

Se ve muy hermoso, lamentablemente no es del todo compatible con Cinnamon :c
Seems broken on Debian Testing :( (MATE 1.16.1)
This is awkward but where exactly is the download link?
I've been using this excellent theme for a few years now and never looked back. Today I updated to Linux Mint 18. Unfortunately, there are some issues now. No borders for checkboxes and radio buttons, for instance. And overlapping areas in scroll containers. It would be extremely great if you could provide an update.
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He used different icon themes. "nouveGnomeGray" and "ACYL" IIRC.
Man, please update this theme to work with latest gtk3. I think it's the only good looking dark theme...
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I've checked - it's really the only good, flat colored dark theme.  I second this request for an updated version.
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Me too, great theme, but doesn't really work anymore on newer GTK versions.
Love this theme! Just one question: what font did you use for your system in the screenshot? I would really like to use it. :)
That's Google Play.
Very nice theme! What is the license? Can I make and share themes using yours as the base?
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yes,it is gpl
Can you add more colors? I would like to have brown, both light and dark, please :)
I really love your work, amazing job - use it since I use Linux :D
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It's beautiful. The best theme.
LM cinnamon 2.6
I created an account just to thank you.
I've been using this theme for 2+ years, and I still love it. A LOT.
It's beautiful, it's perfect. The best theme I've ever seen!
Thank you for doing it :)
Seems this theme need some updates on XFCE, gtk3 doesn't always display correctly, and bounce effects on lists are not managed.
I really like your theme, but I cannont distinguish the selected button when I select buttons in a message box using the tab keys to get around. I use the keyboard more than the mouse, so for me this is a deal-breaker. I'll probably try to dig around in the source later for how to edit this myself, but I thought I should let you know.
how install this theme, i can't. I got OpenBox in ArchLinux. HEEELP MEEEE!!! I copy the files in /usr/share/themes, but dont know how update the list of theme. :(
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Otherwise, Very nice theme and looks good with Xmonad :)
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The only thing that is nagging me about this theme is that some buttons doesn't turn dark (For instance Pidgin), Is their something I'm missing?
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