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Hi hi ! These days I was thinking of trying to make some YCH, just to see how it will be :D
Here is one of my three "crash tests" then, I hope you'll enjoy !

Starroot Growth Stage 1Finished examples :
(these are not YCHs of course, but it will be as detailed as these !)

Sold Adopts | Mangrove Keepers - Illustration by Nalak-Bel VN | Haven of Peace by Nalak-Bel OC - Ravaaka | Onrush ! by Nalak-Bel Commission | ParagonInterrupt by Nalak-Bel

Starroot Growth Stage 1I use Paypal !

Starroot Growth Stage 1If you can't pay now, you can reserve now and pay later

Starroot Growth Stage 1If it's more comfortable for you, you can pay in several times !

F2U Little Sprout BulletSB : 120€  - Minimum Increase : 5€ - Auction will end 48h after last bid.

F2U Little Sprout BulletAB : 200€

F2U Little Sprout Bullet• AB - Animated : 300€

I'll animate a few elements of background (light effects, vegetation, water, particles and such) !

You'll get the static version as well, of course :)

Starroot Growth Stage 1• I can draw any species, as long as it's not in my "won't draw" commission list.

Typically, I will draw :
  • Bullet; Green Any Animal or Creature

  • Bullet; Green Humans, Humanoids

  • Bullet; Green Anthros, Furries

  • Bullet; Green Any sex, gender, age

  • Bullet; Green Fantasy and non-fantasy stuff

And I won't draw :
  • Bullet; Red NSFW - nude creatures are perfectly ok, though ! (mermaids, fairies...)

  • Bullet; Red Dragons

  • Bullet; Red Any fetiches

  • Bullet; Red Demonic themes

Starroot Growth Stage 1 If a theme makes me uncomfortable, I have the right to decline even if it's not listed here !

Again, I hope you'll enjoy ! Have a nice day :3
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